My simple one day tell your opinion

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My simple one day tell your opinion

Ok ill tell here what i did yesterday and tell me your opinion about my addiction or whatever it is.

First of all i just finished one year of military service so i dont work for two weeks and hawe few weeks more holiday too befor find job. Got money. Living with family.( parents im not merried yet).

I cannot drink or smoke inside house because respect to patents. Yesterday had breakfast and get out house to see girlfriend. In the road drink two beers and use lotions to cover smelling because she doesnt want me to drink. Had nice day with her outside. Evrything was perfect. After her on road to home ive drink two more beers in road, two inside one supermarket toilet, and two more just before get inside house. Take shower quicly so parents didnt notice ive drunk.

So drinking evrywhere like fox. Its shame. Why im doing that. Tell me your opinion.
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Btw if u ask why i didnt go to pub or likesomethink to drink the reason is if i go there im gona drink at last 8 beers not 2
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Sorry, I'm not sure what kind of response you want Alkolik - are you asking whether we think you have a problem?

I'd say lying to our loved ones, using lotions to cover up smell and drinking in the car and in shop toilets are not normal things to do, so on that basis yeah I think you have a problem.

Any ideas about what you're going to do about it?

If you do nothing else, please don't drink and drive.
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Yep, you have a problem. Several of them actually. Hiding your drinking, drinking and driving, drinking while driving, and lying about it are just a few to get started.

Is your goal to quit?
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"Why im doing that. Tell me your opinion."

my opinion:
because youre an alcoholic that is at the stage of alcoholism where hiding drinking from people is common.

now a question for you:
do you want to stop drinking before you go further down the scale of alcoholism?
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I lived that life you describe for many years. The lying, shame, and guilt ate me alive and the only way to calm the voices was to drink more which only caused more lying, shame and guilt. I was on a death spiral and until I had a brush with death I couldn't get off the freight train to hell.

What do I think? I think you are an aloholic but what I think makes no difference. The question is what do you think?
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Drinking two at a time just fools ourselves. I counted 8....

Are you ready to stop and stay stopped before parents and girlfriend realize what you are doing?

Sounds like you go to great lengths to hide and drink.

You are only fooling self!

You can stop, if you want to!
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I did the same thing too Alkolik. For reasons I still don't understand I felt the urge to drink as often & as much as I could. I drank at work, while shopping, and secretly at home - hid the evidence from my husband. It was never enough - and it had to end or I would die. I'm glad you're here for help and encouragement.
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When we feel the need to be lying to our loved ones,
on a daily basis,
that's not simple.

If this is a typical day in your life,
you live a complicated life indeed.

Do you want to change ?
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You only drank a few beers throughout the day -- no big deal -- but -- the hiding part of it all seems suspicious.
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Hi and welcome to SR!

I think most of us found our way to this website because we were concerned about our drinking. Drinking and driving is a huge red flag, and so is trying to hide your drinks.

Stop drinking for a few days and spend some time reading and posting on here. See how you are feeling.

Glad you are here.
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I want to quit but i cant. I dont drink that much like before, just few beers and cogarets within day but real problem is if pplnlet me drink im gonna drik much like before again

Now half of my mind always says go buy only two beers no harm on that but other side says you hawe to stop that. Ill try to stay away today ill write back here.
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Same thing again.
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i wondered why i finally had to accept its because i'm an alcoholic. I dunn maybe you'll get mad at it enough that you'll say hey screw this and not drink.

I've heard it said a million drinks would never be enough for me and 1 drink would be too many.
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It sounds like you don't want to hear our answers yet, and truly accept them. To just add to the sage words others have said above about why this is alcoholism, I will just say that you seem to have a LOT to lose- future career (military or otherwise), parents, girlfriend, legal rights (ie driver's license)....your life or someone else' those tapes through as we say, and what do you see happening if you continue drinking, lying and avoiding, for each of these people/entities?

Imagine what you think NOW is the worst that could happen and know that many of us would tell you from our own experiences and those of other alcoholics we know, the "worst" could be way worse than you ever possibly imagined. I hope you don't go there.

PS 8 beers in a day is too much. That part is bothersome, too.
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Cuz you're an alcoholic.
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Do you know i love my gf, we gonna get married soon. For years she was only person who always think about me and cover my faults.

Now today im using lotions because dont want her notice if im drunk ive strong person. kicked lot of bad ppl in her eyes to be her hero. So now im her hero its why she still love me. But what im doing? Drinking sliently she dont want me to drink. I feel wery bad.

She is sad girl and i want to be her hero again
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I think it's easier to think when you haven't been drinking, Alkolik.

It's all down to habits. The more you drink, the more likely you are to drink again. The more you drink in secret, the more likely to do it again. Stop for a few days, and suddenly it gets easier to stop the habit. Start up again, and it can come back surprisingly quickly.

Try not drinking for a month. It's not impossible even for alcoholics. At the end of the month, you're not gonna regret you didn't waste the whole month drinking every day. After that point you've gotta figure out that life is actually better without it. That's the hard part of the trick for alcoholics, is not slipping back into the old habit. But it's a trick anyone can do, when they finally want to.
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I want to quit but i cant.

sit with that for a while.
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I promise you, you can live a life where you do not lie. It is a wonderful place to be. When you start making the right choices every day, you will be "amazed before you are halfway through" as we say in AA. There is a much better life for you than what you have now.
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