Hello again...

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Hello again...

Hello everyone, I am going to try this again... This site did help me to get almost 5 months completely sober. Well at about 4.5 months I guess, I had mikes hard lemonade, one thing leads to another, within a month I was back with my old friend vodka, not nightly like before but a few times a week now.
I will be honest, I did not post much before, I felt that I was maybe off-putting as I would get few responses. Maybe the username??? Idk, anyways the reading of other posts helped tremendously.
Since I stopped drinking,( I also quit OxyContin at the same time, no slip/relapse on this,) I became really anxious, nervous, insecure, I believe this is what caused (partially) the relapse. This new nervous me is really affecting my life in a negative way. I am so sensitive and tear up over everything it seems.
Well, thanks for the vent, I will keep posting regardless as I need to get these emotions out so they stop spilling over at inappropriate times and places.
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You have done good getting off both booze and Oxycontin.
Your mind, body and soul have been through a lot.
Expect a full normal feeling and thinking recovery to take some time.
You will enjoy the freedom.
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Great to have you posting again, Button.

Every time I slipped back into 'social' drinking it always led me to the same old place. Before long I'd be in serious trouble again - filled with anxiety & self-doubt. I hope it'll help you to talk things over here. We care.
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Welcome back Button
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Welcome back. You can do this!
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Welcome back BP

do you have a plan as to how you'll stay sober?
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Do your best
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Hi Bp
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Hi, bp -

I'm glad you're here!

We alcoholics and addicts are a sensitive bunch by nature I think, and using helps numb us. After some time in sobriety, I found i just have to sit with them, and as I learned here- feelings aren't facts.

It does get better as our brains and bodies heal when we stop poisoning ourselves, but it does take time. We're rooting for you!
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Welcome back!!!
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Hi bp,

Your emotions tend to be all over the place once you stop. It takes quite some time to get them to even out. It does get better though. You just have to hang in there.
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