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Seeking advice on seeing an addiction counselor. I am sober and attending AA currently, but my spouse is encouraging me to seek additional help. I know I have a bunch of garbage I need to work through, just wanted to hear some of your experiences.

Thanks in advance
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I've had very good experience, the key is finding one you feel comfortable working with I think. No matte what though, be prepared to hear things you may not want to hear. The process is really about learning about ourselves, and sometimes we dig up things we've neglected to face for a long time. The good news is that there are ways to learn and face/improve all of the issues that might be brought to light.
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If your partner loves you in the way that they want you to grow into the best version of yourself, then it is probably a very solid suggestion.
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I went to some counselling, but wasn't really ready to be honest with anyone 100%. I kind of slid around the truth just telling her tbe bits that i was comfortable with (ie nothing that would make me look bad, or touch on my part in anything at all). That's what made me realise that I DID need to get a sponsor and work the steps, which I'd been unwilling to do for the first 6 months in AA, when I just sat in meetings. So, i got willing and that's what I did, and that's how I worked through my 'garbage'. After all, that's what the 12-step program is all about.
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I have an addictions counselor and she is very good and very helpful, I think in recovery all bets are off the table so to speak, we need to try everything and stick with what works for each of us.

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Do your best
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I'm waiting on some counselling myself
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i see your profile shows early july as your date of sobriety?
youre attending meetings,which is good, but are you working the program? reading the big book and have a sponsor thats guiding you?
im still amazed at how the program cleared up a LOT of my problems.

not saying no to counseling, but even with that its going to take a LOT more time (and action)than a month to repair the damage of years of drinking.
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I asked the same question a while ago. I didn't end up going but there's a lot of good information in this thread:
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I had an addictions counselor for several years. I continued to drink for most of that time. In fact, I frequently had a few drinks in the parking lot before attending sessions. It is what you make of it, though, and relies heavily on your commitment to sobriety. It also depends on the particular counselor you choose. I'd advise you to be very selective if you choose to go that route.

Based on my personal experience, I'd have to say AA clearly has been much more beneficial and, as a result, my sobriety has been more solid and consistent. I still see a counselor on occasion, but I get much more out of my involvement with AA. Let's just say, if I gave up one of the two, AA would not be it. And it's free.
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