Binge drinker

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Binge drinker

Here's my history:
I'm 35 - I started drinking at age 14, my parents rarely drank & never really had alcohol in our house (I do have family members who are alcoholics- Aunts/Uncles/Grandpa).
I started binge drinking in College/early 20's being disrespectful to women occasionally & got a DUI at 22 & blacking out in my mid to late 20's.
By 30 I reduced my drinking significantly & got married/started a family.
Here's my problem: I have only ever drank on the weekend & not every weekend (Friday/Saturday - rarely does it spill over to Sunday's where I'm hungover for work).
Also I never crave alcohol matter of fact I cringe thinking about drinking especially when I'm hungover- I just drink cause I'm bored I guess or stressed.
I rarely drink - typically ONLY 3-4 days per month & I'm fine I can quit/stop after a few but out of those days I'll have just 1 day per month where I binge drink & predictably blackout/do something stupid & I'm hungover feeling guilty. People all say "that's how I started weekend drinker then it was every day" well for me from day 1 to now its been consistent.

I was sober for 9 full months when my wife was pregnant & it was easy here is how/why I managed to stay sober for 9 months:
I went out to celebrate one night -drank & walked home (bar was close to my house) tripped on a sewer & bashed my face into the side walk & came home to pregnant wife with my face covered in blood. I said to myself I've got a child on the way & can't be doing this.

I know drinking has caused me problems but I never crave it & I rarely touch alcohol so it's hard for me to keep a day to day pattern for keeping sober.
Is anyone else like this? What can I do?
As I've gotten older hangovers have gotten horrendous & now with children even a mild hangover is a nightmare!

Am I an alcoholic?
How do I stay sober when I rarely drink?
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Welcome to the family. No matter what you call it, sounds like alcohol is causing problems. Best idea is to give it up entirely. I hope our support can help you get sober for good. It sure is worth the effort.
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Welcome to the forum.

I can relate a little. I was mostly a binge drinker since my late teens/early 20s in college. It seemed ok cause I thought everyone was drinking in college. It wasn't ok, but I wanted to believe I just enjoyed drinking a lot every now and then. Looking back, I was drinking alcoholically from a very early age, justifying it because of the college culture. I was addicted.

I wanted to believe that, because it wasn't daily drinking, somehow I still had choice in the matter.

I'm not much older than you are now. I came to SR and stopped drinking for good at age 35. You can do it too!
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Do your best
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Welcome Dentists
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So glad you found this site! Agreeing that clearly alcohol is causing problems in your life and what a wonderful time to stop drinking! Lots of great advice and support here.

I hope your face is healing.
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Am I an alcoholic?
How do I stay sober when I rarely drink?
Those last 2 lines are worth pondering.

if your not an alcoholic why bother drinking the hangovers stink its not like its healthy or good for you. it sounds like you like to binge drink anyhow so why bother.

I mean really wtf is the point of drinking?

Now if you cant simply just stop you might want to ask yourself again if your an alcoholic.

It seems ilke the pattern and the cycle is there it seems like yoru playing with fire from my view.

but if your not an alcoholic then just put the plug in the jug for the sake of its not healthy and such.
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I agree that if you aren't an alcoholic, then there is no need to drink. Do not drink.

If you can't not drink, then maybe you are an alcoholic.

Only you can decide. There are methods available to help you stay stopped!
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