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stay strong blue eyes. what an awful situation
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I'd be feeling the same way, BBE. It doesn't sound like you're being hyper-sensitive. Most anyone would be nervous until it's resolved.
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When I feel like people are giving me a bum rap I just treat myself better. The best way to do that is not drink. Don't let external influences sway your sobriety. Wether you comprehend this or not, you're life depends on it. If you don't want to "be" sober then eventually the alcoholism will most likely kill you. For me loosing the things you described can be re aquired. You're precious life cannot. Just move on. Don't drink. Surrender to sobriety. It will get better with time. Then it becomes absolutely remarkable. Don't worry about our time, just don't waste yours.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your family and the weight of it, I empathize. Beyond that, it sounds like all you need is money. and you are wasting no-ones time posting, so don't give it a second thought. We're all here for perspective.

What won't help is drinking and loosing focus. This is an alcohol abuse forum which pertains to my best advice. DO NOT DRINK.

Take some time to figure our how you're going to lift yourself from the rut.

Nothing bad ever comes from hard work to make things easier.
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I just wanted to say I have NO car. The car wont go over 25MPH and I blew out the tranny.

I have no way of getting my daughter to school.

My mom is very very very sick.

It used to take me 7 min and 5 miles to get to work but it just so happens that this road is closed for the first time in 100 years. I wonder if someone is against me. I have been taking so much care of my mom I havent had any time to take care of my car. Called in for 13 hour days. No laundry, wash, rinse, repeat.
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I would look into stoicism. I think it will help your situation. I, too, have had a ****** run of luck. Not as bad as yours though. The truth about life is that it isn't fair. People do get left behind. A lot of it is outside there control. My advice would be to change your outlook on life.

I honestly expect the worst everyday I wake up. That way, when it happens, I'm okay. I knew it was going to. Stoicism helped me through a very dark period in my life. I know to expect always bad everyday I wake up, so I'm never disappointed or surprised. It also means that when something good happens, its that much better. Read into it some, and I think it will help!
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What happened with the rental car?
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