Taken the step - Now or never.

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Taken the step - Now or never.

Morning people,

I had been on a terrible binge the past couple weeks, drinking around 40 units a day, and on tuesday/weds (no sleep) I got through around 55. Some bad things happened. It now has to stop.

I haven't drank since wednesday, nothing at all. The initial hangover was absolutely horrific, I was uncontrollably shaking, constantly throwing up, and was like it the next day/night.

Withdrawals (I assume) were bad for the peroid up until saturday, where they've started to settle down a bit. Feeling physically a lot better, however my head is absolutely attacking me, doesn't seem happy that there's no numb sauce coming in any more.

Since wednesday i've had around 6hrs of sleep (if you can even call it that). My mind will not switch off at all. I have such bad anxiety at the moment and it is making me physically sick sometimes. Did anybody else get this initially? Sleepless nights and 'anxiety attacks'? I'm pretty sound through the day, it's toward (and throughout) the night where s*** hits the fan mentally.
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Drinking that hard will kill a normal person.

You must be part Xmen Good for you.

I drank a 1.75 of vodka once in around 2 days. Personal low...

Took a week to heal physically...sort of...

It takes months to fully heal from alcohol abuse. Every cell is permiated.

Remember one thing every are an addict......fight for your life back...

Stay clean. Booze is poison. If fries your brain. Ruins your body.

My anxiety is still a little there after 14 months. It was a living hell for months. You name it I had it. Panic attacks, heart pallipatations, night sweats, high bp, numb legs, swollen feet, 40 lbs fatter, bad skin and nails...etc etc etc....

But, I am pretty much drug free. No rx meds either. Best shape ever. Loads of stamina.

Coffee on special occassions, vitamins, pre work out, and protein powder are my DsOC now.

Thanks for the post.
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Congrats on quitting Jimmy. The anxiety and sleeplessness are very common along with all the withdrawal symptoms you are having. That's one of the reasons you hear people recommend seeing a doctor before quitting, expecially when the consumption was to the extreme level you have been drinking.

It's still a good idea do get a checkup, your body could be deficient in many areas of nutrition. Drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods if you can and trying to rest are all important too. The good news is that once this is done, you never have to go through it again! Be safe and stay close to SR if you need us.
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I hope you can stop drinking permanently Jimmy, and I thank you for sharing. Stories like that keep guys like me from drinking.

This is just my opinion, but when we go on a horrible bender like that we permanently change our brain/body physiology and we can never drink normally again. I know that towards the end of my drinking, every time I drank whether it was a "normal" amount or a lot, I would suffer. No hangovers, but the shakes, no sleep, anxiety and impending doom were more than I could handle.

Anyway, we all support you 100%. Post daily, even if its just to say you had a good poop in the morning. it helps.
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Just make sure you have access to medical help if need me jimmy. My doctor told me that risk for sever withdrawals are within the 1st 2 weeks which is longer than I thought it was and I also know that DT's usually happen more a few days into it and a lot of times people feel fine and then DT's happen. Unfortunately feeling ok is not even a guarantee that withdrawals are over or will not happen. They are not a linear process like a hangover where you progressively feel better, they can come and go and also come and go in severity.

D122y that is good to know, as I have not had any relief from anxiety and I am over 6 months now. So it is good to see that after some time, you recovered. So maybe it is just time.
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Congratulations on quitting. The withdrawls can be horrible. I never really had them bad, and I used to drink like D122y said, 1.75l of vodka in a weekend, oh, and did I mention I mixed it with more alcohol? Usually some 6-8% fruity cocktail, like limearitas! I was easily drinking 100proof or more per glass.

Your body will heal, if you stay sober. This forum is the best place I have for my recovery, I've forgotten about it and seem to come back every 4-6 months.. Sometimes just to remind myself where I was, and where I'm going.

Congrats again, welcome to our club Be brutally honest with yourself, and those around you. Explain to them that you need this, to live.
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Thanks for your inspiring and kind words guys. I appreciate it. It feels different this time, in that i'm actually letting go of something/someone i once was, instead of wishing that i could drink (like before). I have no desire to. Still feeling a little uneasy after eating, but I'm taking my thymine and vit B tablets regularly again so should start to feel better a lot sooner - proper nutrition at last. Can't believe what i've been missing, how i've wasted 4 years of my life. This only drives me to build my life again however.
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Jimmy - I'm glad you feel different this time. I felt like that too when I made up my mind to stop. I never went back to it. Instead of 4 yrs. I wasted decades - but it's what happens from now on that counts. You sound positive & ready to get free. We know you can.
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Congrats Jimmy! Let's keep it up, We CAN do this! Wishing you lots of strength tonight.
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I hope this can be the start of permanent sobriety for you.
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I don't look at my drinking time as a was a chapter in my life.

Had a lot of fun being a drunk. Who knows, if I didn't drink, I might have gotten hit by a bus....

It didn't get really bad until just before I quit. That is why I quit. Just couldn't hang any more.

Many will agree.

Now, I am writing new chapters and an ending. They will be sober.

So help me God.
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