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just saying hello, Gargamel.
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Awesome job, Gargamel!!
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Originally Posted by fini View Post
just saying hello, Gargamel.
Hello, fini!!
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Even with my spouse drinking almost every night since I've decided to become sober I made it a week!! Not 1 single sip of alcohol has passed these lips!!! 1 whole week with the temptation right in front of me and yet I have the willpower to not drink! Who would have ever thought that?!?!? I'm pretty excited about it!!!
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that's great, Gargamel!

if you've spent some time reading here on SR, you'll likely have noticed that tons of people here say willpower alone didn't keep them sober.
i certainly found that to be so.

so this might be a good time for you to consider what you'll add.

in any case, keep going!
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Originally Posted by Gargamel View Post
I have made it 6 days. I more than I have ever gone before!!
Awesome Gargamel keep it up!!
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Just continue to log in here... there are so many great people who will be there for you! Myself included! Hang in there, you can do it
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Well done you have made an excellent start with all the negativity surrounding you.

I'm still drinking....I got 9 months and blew it, now I can't seem to get a handle on it at all. aa where I live is just plain awful and I would never go back...I suppose I have made the first step to recovery by posting here...time will tell, drinking does not get me into trouble, I am just dissatisfied with my quality of life, being a slave to the booze is really getting me down
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