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Hi Trach glad to see you back
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Originally Posted by trachemys View Post

I have my first white chip.
Welcome home.
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Good to see you Trach

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I'm glad you're (still) here!

My experience with AA is that it was rewarding almost exactly to the degree that I invested myself in it. I hope you put a lot it & get a lot out
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Welcome back trach
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Glad you're back trach!
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Me too!
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I am so glad you are back-- missed you
SR just isn't the same without you here trach--for true

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chips go well with everything
so glad you're back!
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Welcome home Trach; you were missed..
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I have my first white chip. Had to add something to the program.

Glad you're ok.
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to my Turtle Brother from his Duck Brother!
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So good to hear from you my friend.

We missed you.

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Welcome back Trach!
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