No motivation to get in shape

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it snowballs, the more you do it the more you will want to do it. you have to force yourself to at first and recognize the "I'll star tomorrow" excuses for what they are.
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I've been exercising for years and although I look forward to it (most of the time), I still just don't enjoy it that much.

Did a hilly hike today that kicked my butt, but that's a good thing.

Reward -- sushi after hike with my best friend. It's nice to have a exercise partner.

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Not sure if you suffer from depression at all but a good cardio workout sure helps mine. I love it now. Try and make yourself do it for a couple of weeks. You will start to feel a lot less lazy too.
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Zjw - 50 miles a week is staggering. Congrats.

I run a few miles a few times a week now, in the heat of the summer, but I will start working in some long runs (10 - 20) when the weather breaks.

I am 59, so I do what I can to stay in shape without making anything worse.

I lifted weights for 5 - 6 years, and, after 4 resulting ortho surgeries, I have decided that God meant me to be a runner and not a weight-lifter.

I have been running for ~ 40 years and still love it.
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As with most things, the first step is the hardest. Start out and you will feel better after a few weeks.
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2012, Where did you go? All these great responses for you.

It took me several relapses to get to 6 months. All I remember was that it was all I could do to not drink and get my ass into meetings. Finally I started walking up and down the street. Then started going back to the gym without any specific goals, my only goal was to do something good for myself on top of not drinking. It took awhile to get some tone back and start feeling half ass good again.

There is a good reason why people in AA say to not make any big decisions in the first year of sobriety, heck, it is a full time job just to not drink for 24 hours.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Just go outside and walk. Go up and down some stairs. Easier said then done, but you have to start somewhere.....
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Just go. Now. Don't think about it. You can do your thinking about what you're going to do while you're doing something. That's the first step. Once you're done doing something, ANYTHING, maybe check out blogs and other annoying fit gurus like on Facebook or Instagram for inspiration or ideas. But don't do that first, that is counterproductive. Do something first. The more you do something the more it becomes routine. And the more you do something the more you'll see results and once you start seeing results the more you want to maintain those results. But don't be fooled into minor results because those can give you false confidence. Just keep doing that something you used to do. I started out biking and though I've moved onto weights and kettlebells and SUP/kayak and hiking and cross country skiing I still always fall back on biking. "What should I do?" If I can't think of something in 5 minutes, "might as well bike."

Basically create motivation and eventually the motivation manifests itself into your life.
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