Haven't been on this site in about 2 years..

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Haven't been on this site in about 2 years..

Just wanted to visit this great site that helped me alot a few years back. I have 3 years sober at this point. Life is way better, but still life. I hope everyone is well... if anyone remembers me... lol
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Three years is great. Hope you are happier in recovery than you were the last time you posted.
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Glad you're back, amigo.

Also happy you're sober.
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Congrats on three years. You and I must've gotten sober around the same time. Welcome back.
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Thanks for checking in and congrats on 3 years sober Pete! Don't be a stranger, I'm sure we could learn from your trials and successes.
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Hi Petewill congratulations on 3 years sober
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Way to go man, I'm coming up on three years also. Still have some ego and self-esteem issues to deal with, so I'm back in the program. Hope ur doing well.
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I often wonder how you're doing Pete
Thanks for the update, man

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I love success stories!
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Congrats on 3 years sober! Why don't you visit more often?
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Yes, I agree. I wish people with extended sobriety posted more often. Life is always going to have its ups and downs but I have yet to hear anyone wake up and say I wish I drank a whole lot of alcohol last night and feel really sick right now
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Sure do remember you, Petewill. 3 yrs - that's wonderful.
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Congrats on 3 years, Pete!
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Good to hear
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Thanks everyone.. man, you guys and gals are so cool. I really appreciate that. Yes, I need to come around much more. It's been a roller coaster ride, i must admit. The obsession took about 15 months to lift, but that was me, others have had it quicker. I think the main thing that keeps/kept me going is to play music. I write constantly and play in 2 bands. I think it's very important that we find something we are very passionate about and immerse ourselves in it, just like with drinking or other substances. I think it has to be something, anything.. as when you stop, you need to have something to do, to fill the space where alcohol or drugs were. Does that make sense? I need get another sponsor as well, the self-sponsoring does not work, as I am seeing evidence of this right now... Have a good day and thanks for reading.
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