30 Days

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30 Days

After today (technically speaking, as I haven't slept yet, 06/30), I will have hit the one month mark. I should have started this in February...

Anyway, just wanted to check in. I've been having a rough couple of days. Got screamed at by a customer yesterday, then made to feel like an awful person for refusing him service from now on by his friend, and blah blah blah. That really just topped off the already down feeling I have. Good news is, I'm okay. I have no real urge to drink. I think I've just gone from a manic episode (as you can see through all my more frequent and positive posts) to a depressive episode. Pretty standard for me, but I'm going to see my doctor on the 13th to discuss my meds for my bipolar depression. I don't want it to end up resulting in me taking that dreaded first drink.

I'm just babbling. I don't know if I even have the energy for the thought process of coming up with a conclusion. Ah, there it is. Thanks for listening.
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sorry for the rough couple of days but congrats on 30 days sdi

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I have a very good friend with manic depression as it used to be called when he got sober. He always drank in the manic phase, and that always happened as a result of him stopping his lithium. He felt so good he thought he could drink.

He has been sober many years now, but never liked his medication. He did learn taht he had to take it though.
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Thirty days is awesome. Stay strong till you can meet with your doctor.
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Do your best
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Awesome job reaching 30 days

Like your avatar too
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Thanks for sharing, sdi. And congrats on the 30 days. Just remember, the bad times will always pass
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Thanks everyone. I was feeling very, very down all morning, but my wonderful fiance pushed me to get my butt up and get moving. I feel a lot better having just forced myself to wash my face and get dressed for the day, from there I've been cleaning, I restored my headlight lenses, played with my ferret. I feel like I'm on a roll.

I'm pretty nervous about this doctor's appointment. Last time I saw her was before I believed I had an alcohol problem, so I'll be bringing that up with her for the first time. It's kind of an awkward dialogue to open up, but I figure it's something she should probably know, and that I'm rocking my recovery. I proved to myself today that I can push through this and do it without a drink in hand.
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I hope all goes well sdi

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Congrats on 30 days, and I think it will be great for your recovery to share your drinking history with your doc.
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sdi, that's great you're at that 30-day mark and moving forward. congratulations.
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Congrats on 30 days!!
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Thirty days is HUGE. Honestly, it's the hardest in many ways.

Now you know you CAN, so when your AV comes around whining that you CAN'T, not POSSIBLY, it's SOOOO HARD, you can kick its snivelling butt to the curb.

Rock on with your sober're doing it!

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