Speaking at a correctional facility

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Speaking at a correctional facility

Hi everyone, Im speaking at a jail this weekend bringing in an AA meeting. I dont know what to expect and would appreciate any experience or words of advice.
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I'd expect to share my experience, strength, and hope.
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They're people too. Just be yourself and things will take care of themselves.

Statistics show that a majority of prisoners have alcohol and/or drug abuse issues. Give them a chance to change by sharing your wisdom with them!
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Having sat in lock up with few means of distraction or entertainment myself, I'd say, first off, keep it real. If you have a talent for Robin Williamsesque comedy, maybe toss a couple appropriate chuckles in to you message......but, mostly, stay on message.
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Do your best
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Just wanted to say I think it's quite deep on a human level what your doing I'd say just be yourself and be patient
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our stories disclose, in a general way, what we used to be lik,e what happened, and what were like now.

have no expectations. that way whatever happens wont disappoint ya.
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I would try to remember that this is an institutional meeting with a very specific purpose, to carry the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers, to give them hope that they can have a better life.

It is not a regular meeting and could be shut down if the inmates or members of staff feel visiting AAs behave or share inappropriately. I have seen it happen.

A guiding thought might be the Torono Declaration "When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there, and for that I am responsible."

It is a great opportunity to show how we have lost interest in selfish things, and gained interest in our fellows.
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