What brought me back...

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What brought me back...

I've been rocked with the deaths of 4 people near and dear to me, all related to drugs or alcohol. The most recent was the passing of a dear friend last weekend.

I was thinking what my next "rock bottom" would be, and realized it doesn't always come in the form of us getting hurt, hurting others, or embarrassing ourselves and our families. This is my rock bottom.

I know I may hit some rough spots, but I will come here first for support.
Thank you SR for being here.
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I am sorry for your loss.

So glad that you are here with us, Optimist.
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Welcome back!
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I'm very sorry for the losses in your life, but so glad you know that you can find support here.
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I'm sorry for your loss. I've lost a couple of people to this disease as well. I try to keep them in my mind as I try to live a better sober life.
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Life is fragile O4e. It's lesson best to learned from others. I'm sure they never thought it would happen to them. That they could quit before it came to that.

Don't make the same mistake.
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I'm so sorry for all the loss in your life Optimist, but very glad you're back and recommitted to recovery!
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