So confused.....

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So confused.....

Ok, so here's my story. I have drank on and off since I was 13. Obviously I took many breaks in between then and now (i'm 35). I was military so i've been overseas where i can't drink for a year and a half at a time. No problem. I left the Army 2 years ago. The first year, didn't really drink too much. I'd go on a 3 day bender then stop for a while. i was in college and didn't want to effect my work, so it wasn't often that i would get wasted. Well, 8 months ago I met my now ex. He was the kind of person that was waking up before work and drinking a pint and a tall boy. Then getting out of work and getting wasted. Every day. I unfortunately fell into this pattern with him. At first it was just beer for me, then it was beer and a pint a day, within the last month it had turned into a fifth of captain a day for me sometimes one in the morning and one at night. The day before i decided to quit i thought i was having a heart attack, so I made a large drink and I downed it. Didn't drink till the next morning (Sunday). Didn't hold it down well. Slept the day away. Up on Monday, had a small coffee mug of wine. Didn't drink the rest of the day. Did not drink yesterday. Not one issue except very gassy (no pain, just annoying). So for two days I had no problems with symptoms, and this morning comes the hallucinations. Has anyone else had this experience? I feel fine, do not feel sick or anything. I think what i'm most scared of is DT's. I don't want to experience that. I heard that it's not an actual common thing, but wanted to get some input if possible.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a happy day! (BTW just wanted to give a little background about myself. This has made me feel a lot better the last few days. Glad I signed up)
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You have to go to a doctor. You have to go. This is not a predictable thing. Withdrawals are very, very serious. They should always be under medical care, always. No exceptions. None.

Please do not take this lightly, go to an ER if you have to, whatever it takes. Please. Please listen to this. Do not tell yourself that if you feel ok now, you will feel ok later, or that you can weather it. Just seek medical care and make this your absolute number one priority right now so that later we can hear of your sobriety.

You asked, and this is my answer and I have experience with withdrawals.
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I would also suggest seeing a doctor or going to the ER for help. No one can predict how withdrawals will go. Best to get help to get thru them safely.
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yeh i'd get it checked out myself.

I never had DT's to that level thankfully. I know my mind was in some pretty questionable places at times. Being a bit wacked out I think comes iwth the territory and a doc or therapist to help explain whats going on can be helpful. But hallucinations? i think thats the next level up and at this time frame in your quit? i'd be calling the doc or hitting the ER personally.
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I have to agree with everyone else.

Please see a doctor, he can help you through detox.

If you can't get to a doctor, have someone take you to the ER.
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Hi ElleSki, I too would recommend seeing a doc. If not, at least check in here regularly and let us know how you are doing. Is there someone who can stay with you for the next 48 hrs?
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ElleSki, did you go?
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How are you doing now, Elleski?
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How are you?
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