I have HALF A YEAR sober

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I'm brand new as of today, but wanted to say congrats!
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Do your best
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Originally Posted by sleepie View Post
Here is what 6 months looks like in the form of Legos, one per day. I guess it was something to do. I added a piece each day.

This is so so awesome on so many levels WOW status this is going to be remembered it's genius Sleepie do you realise that I'm in awe I'm not just saying that I think this is truly a piece of beautiful art

WOW Sleepie x
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Thank you SW! Well I am rather fond of it, it was a much more fun way to keep track of the days instead of crossing off on a calendar. I think I am going to buy more Legos and expand as time moves on.

And as I am not to stereotypically "girlie" IRL I went ahead and picked real pretty colors for my little house.

Thanks again SW
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Originally Posted by Delizadee View Post
Good job sleepie, I am truly proud of you.
Stuck in relapse mode myself. I can't seem to find a soft place to fall, ever. I know it takes time and work. For now I'm just rejoicing off the good works my friends on SR are accomplishing. Keep it up sweet stuff.
What about posting more regularly Del?

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Congratulations Sleepie, love the house so much, brilliant!
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Congrats, Sleepie...YOU ROCK!!!
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under new management
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LOVE your sober house, sleepie!!!!!

I will be looking forward to your 1 year sober house!

6 months, woot, woot!

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Thanks Rose!
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Woo HOO! I'm so proud of you! I've been waiting for this exact post and worried I would miss it because I'll be offline for several days coming up. So glad you posted this!
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Congrats, Sleepie. It will continue to get better. You've done so amazingly well.

That was very cool how the Universe gave that lady a nudge to help you celebrate.

I love Six-Month-Lego-House, too!
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way to go sleepie
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Sobriety is Traditional
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Sleepie, I'm glad you're celebrating! Congratulations!
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Love the house -- reminds me that I need to get on mine, but now the bar is set so high....

You are such a bad ass.

Did I hear you want to do Whole 30 -- want to be W30 buddies -- are you starting tomorrow??

I did it once for six months and felt great but have been meaning to get back at it and finding it hard to make the plunge. Would be great to have some company.

You in???
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Thanks guys!

Oh wow Drops, yes I do so need to do a Whole 30. Wow 6 entire months you did it? Wow! Well, I have one thing I have to do tomorrow, it is quite stressful- afterwards we are gonna eat a decent lunch to ease the effects lol.. can I start after all that? I need to shop for a couple things to, so as not to get tempted on the diet.
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So Dropsie and Sleepie, is Whole30 simply eating "whole", unprocessed foods for 30 days? Is it a weight loss diet or just a healthy way of eating?
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That is pretty much it as far as I understand it Croutie. I think there is a "Whole 30 website that tells the details
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I am so happoy for you, sleepie.

Congratulations -
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Community Greeter
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Sleepie's sober abode - so pretty & meaningful.
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Thanks people. My house actually crumbled and I have to out the whole tedious thing back together, I thin kI want to buy some more pieces and continue adding.
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