I have HALF A YEAR sober

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I dunno about hopeful Hevyn. Just a shorter word for expectation.

But I do recall you were one of the 1st to respond many years back when I first came here. It took me years to get sober. Years. But I am doing it. you r story was one that I felt, "If she can do it maybe I can".

I mean some never live to see the day. My days are not what I would call pleasant. But still I persevere.
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I went on for 30 yrs. Sleepie - you haven't done that.
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Congrats sleepie!
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My dear sweet Sleepie....I am so proud of you! You tackled not one, but two monsters like a superhero and knocked them to Kalamazoo!!
You are a strong, brave, and caring person, and you mean SO much to all of us here.
Keep up the good work, and we'll be celebrating your 1 year anniversary before you know it!
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Thanks Croutie, that will be right before Xmas.

I have to finish up my Lego "Sober House" and maybe I'll post it
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Sleepie, congratulations! You've come a long way!
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Going out for a small simple dinner now but will return to post my Lego Sober House
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You want to hear it, don't you. The truth.


Now if the autocarrot takes off the caps, I want them replaced.


And they still walk the halls here.
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Congrats on the six months Sleepie
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Congratulations Sleepie!!
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Congratulations! That's awesome!! Keep up the Great work!
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Nice job Sleepie. I'm proud of you.
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so glad to see you on this day, congratulations, sleepie.
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Congratulations sleepie -- you've worked on it every day, I know. I'm glad you've had a good day

I hope that the good feelings come more and more often for you. I know you won't hope it for yourself. When I had 6 months, I hadn't any hope, either. It wasn't until my 1 year anniversary that I considered the possibility.

So I hope that sometime over the next six months, you have more good times, more often, and sometimes give cautious hope a try.
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Well had a small dinner and tomorrow I am attempting a whole foods diet *shudder* this is not gonna go well.

I say thing not because I dislike whole foods, it is just that food or comfort food is my last thing to afford me any relief form anxieties at all. I always get this existential dread and anxiety when I diet, I never feel good I never feel satisfied. Food is a great pleasure of life, as an artist I really appreciate this being taken as an art form! I have friends in the culinary world and it could be described as nothing less.... and in my town, well we aren't slackers for good things to eat around here.
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Congrats, Sleeps! You've earned this milestone. You've really worked for it!!

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Good job sleepie, I am truly proud of you.
Stuck in relapse mode myself. I can't seem to find a soft place to fall, ever. I know it takes time and work. For now I'm just rejoicing off the good works my friends on SR are accomplishing. Keep it up sweet stuff.
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There is no soft place.

You have to be tougher, bigger and angrier than it.
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I'm always interested in diets Sleepie... Is a whole foods diet for weight loss or just a healthier way of eating? I know I need to do something about my weight, but I sure do love to eat and hate to feel deprived..
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Here is what 6 months looks like in the form of Legos, one per day. I guess it was something to do. I added a piece each day.

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