Sober things "to do"

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Sober things "to do"

So many times we hear people say "I'm bored" or that there's "nothing to do" in early sobriety. Count me guilty on that one too, I couldn't imagine doing anything without a beer in my hand for a long time. Around here we generally send people to the "things to do" thread or make a list of our own.

I'd like to share a spedific example as I've been on a camping trip with my sons scout troop for a few days and will be here for the remainder of the week. The camp we are at of course strictly prohibits alcohol for anyone, guests or staff. Anyone caught with even a drop would be asked to leave the premises immediately. And there are certainly adults who drink at home, etc. My observation is that no one cares in the's not even mentioned. There's over 1000 people here between guests and staff and everyone is having a great time, for many this is a week they will remember for life. And not a drop of alcohol for miles.

It just reminds me how twisted our brains get by our addiction and how meaningless alcohol really is in our lives. I'm very thankful for the SR community that has allowed/helped me be able to get to this point and enjoy life for what it is.
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Do your best
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Awesome post says it all have a excellent time Scott
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"I'm bored" or that there's "nothing to do" in early sobriety"

Oooohhh I had them words a time or 100 early on.
got called out on it.
" youre not bored. youre lazy and self centered. theres a million things to do. you just wanna do what you wannna do."
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have some fun!!
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wow impressive. the camp my kid goes too has the same rules and well many do not follow the rule. they pack there own coolers full and pour em in a cup and such to hide it. *sigh*

I dont see what the issue is bringing it unless of course you have a problem or figure you cant do without so better break the rule ::facepalm::

have fun!
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Im with tomsteve on this one too.

Id whine 50 million times to my sponsor
and she suggested to me that I needed
to find something to do to get out of my
self centeredness.

She always suggested helpful things
for me to do and I always admired her
for her own sobriety and the many
steps she took to ensure her own
recovery was strong to live upon.
So I listened to her and took action
on her suggestions.

I watched her and followed her as
she set examples for me to follow
and I did. So I began baking many
awesome things for each of my
meetings I went to. In doing so I
began to get out of my selfish thinking
and place my thoughts on service
work and doing something useful
for others and my fellow friends
in recovery.

I had to take those baby steps in
early recovery each and everyday
in order to become the person I
am today living in graditude and
less selfish than I was yrs ago.

Im still learning tho and it is fun
and rewarding as my journey in
recovery continues,
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When I look back I don't know what I was even thinking when I thought sobriety was just "too boring". When really, I do a million more things now sober then I did as an addict. Hell, now if I want to do something I can just go do it I don't have to worry about if I am going to get sick if I am out too long, hiding using, or any of the other crazy things we do when using. Also, now I have so much more money then I did then since I am not spending every dime I have on substances. "I'm bored" is the silliest cop out that I think we have all tried to use a million and one times.

Enjoy yourself!
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Scott, my son is an Eagle Scout and I spent many weekends with him and his troop mates at camp. Great experiences and as is your experience, management at the camp(s) were quite strict about alcohol. From what I could see, it wasn't an issue with anyone.

That written, on our solo troop camp trips there sometimes was alcohol involved, but everyone was very responsible and the drinking normally didn't start until the boys were in their tents.

Enjoy the time with your son; you're building memories that will last a lifetime.
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For me it wasn't that I was lazy or self centered - I'd just forgotten how to live life without a bottle in my hand.

It was a few months in when I realised I was still living my life the same way I used to as a drinker, just without the drink.

Sitting on the couch all day channelsurfing was fine for drinking me but sober me needed more.

Here's a list that may spark some ideas:

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I honestly think keeping busy/doing stuff/learning new things has been a major factor in staying sober for me, especially in the first 2 years. Researching fact & fiction about health and diet, pain management, reading reading reading, learning a new instrument, growing chili peppers, remodeling parts of the house...

I would say the biggest factor was, after playing guitar and bass for 40 years, to start to learn to play the piano. Like when I was young, I can lose myself for hours and hours when studying/playing, suddenly "waking up" and wondering where the last 3 hours went. I used to think that this kind of total immersion was only possible when on a decent alcohol "high", now I know that's just plain wrong. That is perhaps the biggest surprise to me, finding out how skewed my view on reality was.

It also opened a new world (for me) of classical music. I used to listen to modern stuff only, but now I finally understand why my mum was listening to all these "old records" all that time ago. It's like discovering a second planet or something. "Hey mom, you were on to something eh?!" She would have been mighty proud.

Now, before you think I'm made of money... I bought the piano with the money I had saved from drinking. Today, after 4 years, I could actually buy a second one and still be better off than if I would have continued to drink.

Of course, a second hand guitar (or keyboard, or banjo, whatever appeals most) is much more affordable, and if you never tried an instrument, just know that everyone (yes, everyone) is able to learn to play a decent tune, as long as you keep at it. Also, the fun is in the journey, not in the end result. Anyway, just another option if you are looking for something to do that can make you feel like a million bucks.
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