30th Day Sober

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30th Day Sober


I am a male in my early 20s living in South England.

I am on my 30th day, which is the second longest period I have been sober for about 7 years. I am trying so hard, I have managed to socialize in pubs, drinking soft drinks, and being around friends whilst drinking.

Initially the first 2 weeks was very hard for me. Then I had a very good 2 weeks feeling positive, everything seemed to be improving, I didn't even want to drink. However over the last 3 or 4 days I have been getting intense cravings like before. I am feeling seriously depressed. I am very impulsive, I just keep getting up to drive to the shop to buy drink, but then hold myself back. I just want to taste a cold drink, and mask these low feelings with the blanket of being drunk.

I am going out of my mind.

What do I do?
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Living, you can start here:

welcome to SR, and congratulations on 30 days. this is doable. life can be lived without masking feelings.
and there are many many different cold drinks to be had. don't believe the crazy voice that tells you there's only one kind
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Welcome to SR living, and congrats on 30 days! Finis link is a great place to start reading, most of us need to have some kind of plan to change our loved to sober living. and it is a BIG change. For example, hanging out in pubs may be something you need to simply not do anymore, even if you aren't drinkfing.

The good news is that there are plenty of things to do sober, even more than while drinking actually. Stick around SR too, you can learn a lot and find a lot of support here.
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Hi Living -- welcome to SR. You'll find lots of support here. Well done on 30 days!

I would suggest reading around the site, including fini's link -- there are lots of posts on how people got sober and stay sober. Most of us needed a plan of some kind, and needed to make a lot of changes.

Keep posting -- we're here to support you.
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Hi and welcome Living

You'll find some tips on Cravings in the link Fini posted

I also think support helps a lot. Why not become a regular poster here- maybe even join the Class of June support thread, in this forum?

Congrats on 30 days too!

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Great job on 30 days!! Keep it up!

I agree with Dee, support groups are a huge part of recovery! You're never alone here!!
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Do your best
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Hi Living1994 welcome to a awesome site full of advice community & sobriety
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Hi Living 1994. Well done on 30 days. The most I could manage on my own was 21, and that was quite mong enough. I experienced the same thing as you. Seemed good to start, then it all kind of unravelled.

I learned a couple of things. Alcoholism comes in people, not bottles, so removing the booze while good as far as it goes, doesn't remove the real problem, the thing that leads us to the drink in the first place.

Secondly, what you describe is very normal for alcoholics of my type. It is the usual pattern. I found I had to "treat the alcoholism" which resulted in the desire to drink being removed. Drinking is no longer necessary for me to enjoy life.

There is some work in that, but it has been very worthwhile. I took my last drink when I was 22. I am 59 now and have had a life beyond anything I could have imagined at the start.

All the best.
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