Tomorrow is the challenge.

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Tomorrow is the challenge.

Well I haven't had a drink for 3 days now , and because I've had work t hasn't really crossed my mind. However , after I finish work at 5:30 tomorrow evening I have the Wednesday off , and I can already feel the voice in my head telling me that it will be a great idea to go out and get drunk tomorrow night. I have no clue what I'm going to do. I'll get a craving for it tomorrow and it will be like my whole body will want nothing but to go out and get some vodka inside me. Any ideas or suggestions guys.......please?
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Change up your normal routine. Don't go home right after work. Go out somewhere (where this is no alcohol), work out, go for a walk, anything to mix things up.
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you are 'futurizing', calvin.
telling yourself how it will be.
write a different script: make plans for the day. try something new. do something physically active. talk to someone . read something. make something.
lots of ideas here:
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Hi.Guess you truely want to give up alcohol.A large meal instead of that 1st drink.You can do this.And you have come to the right place for support.Stay strong.
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Lots of good advice here Calvin, have a plan to do something else. You didn't drink for 3 days and tomorrow is just another day, right?
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go to an aa meeting.

don't drink even if your arse falls off.
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early on i'd do stuff like eat a large me i was never one who wanted to drink after a large meal sort of not that i woudlnt iw ould but the buzz wasnt as good so it was slightly less desireable.

I'd also go to bed early. even if that meant like stareing at the ceiling or something I needed the rest anyhow after all the years of heavy drinking and it would get me 1 more sober day sure with less waking hours lol but i'd take a sober day any way i could in the begining.

I also sipped on something all night long water or tea so that i still fulfilled that almost habit to have some drink handy to keep sipping all night long. Almost liek someone who wants to quit smoking might eat more or something. Me? i drank more and more water and tea. Again I probably needed the hydration and my body to be washed out some from all the years of heavy boozing and if it helped keep me sober heck did i care. I'd get sober time anyway i could early on.
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Well, you said about making a plan. You could spend some time reading those links and do some work on your plan.

In the meantime, a mini plan for tomorrow. ... Maybe think about those HALT (Hungry Angry Lonely Tired ) triggers and how you can best avoid them tomorrow. Plus think of your slippery people and places (places you used to buy or drink booze, and people that you drank with) and how best to avoid these.

You could even research any local meetings of recovery groups and think about at least finding out about them, or giving a couple of things a go. At least it you have the times and addresses in your wallet you can use them if things start to feel a little tricky.
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don't throw your hard work in the crapper. grab a milkshake at night. go for a night drive (you cannot drive drunk (if you can) find different stuff to do (I build models at night (I cannot do it drunk) . please look all around the internet (there are lists of crap to do other than the obvious) . occupied is better than not. I go to red box and rent movie at night to watch so a. I'm staying away from gas station b. I'm driving there so no drink. c. new movie is awesome when I actually remember it (:
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How much do you want to stay sober? If you want to stay sober more than you want to drink, then you'll be ok.
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A good plan never hurts

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I'll come and post here after work no matter what happens. Here we go..............

Thanks for support and advice guys.
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Originally Posted by calvin86 View Post
I'll come and post here after work no matter what happens. Here we go...............
Remember, nothing just "happens", we get to choose whether or not we drink, and make decisions to help make it easier on ourselves if we want to remain sober. We can also choose to relapse if that's what we want to do, consciously or otherwise. There are no dice in this business, only choices, good and bad.
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In your first post, you already said you know you'd crave it. That's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, I think. Don't plan to want to drink, plan to NOT want to drink (I know, MUCH easier said than done). Hang in there, think of how proud you'll be tomorrow morning when you didn't give in!
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Look at this way, just try it once and see how it goes. What I mean by "try it" is try not drinking. You might enjoy it. By approaching it with that mindset you are not denying yourself anything, you are trying something new.
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hows it going Calvin?

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