Sobriety and boredom

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Unhappy Sobriety and boredom

How to cope with all boredon after years of sobriety? Its hard for me to find something really enjoyable to do, I was an avid reader and had lots of pleasures during my early sobriety months, but lately nothing is enjoyable anymore. Im doing a treatment for anxiety, Im not depressed, but I always was a loner ,even before my alcohol addiction. Random chats don't amuse me anymore, Im avoiding social interaction, even with my relatives, something obviously is not right. Anybody else facing the same issues?
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Yes, it took a while to find pleasure in life. I'll be honest. It didn't come easily. It took trying things ... new things and old. Reading was hard because I couldn't focus and concentrate well early on.

Don't lose heart though ... it comes back in time. One thing I did was read poetry and short articles instead of books. Then I tackled short books, until eventually I worked through a larger one.

Also, try some things you've always meant to try ... I started running. I found a sustainable pace and distance and it has become a habit.

Three years sober now and I never get bored.

There's not enough time in the day!
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If you are in your first year of sobriety, this is quite normal and will change. The worst thing you can do right now is isolate. Just my experience.
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I've only been sober for a little less than a year, so I don't know how it goes after years of sobriety. But I have had depression for my entire life and I'd ask how you know that that's not the problem? For me that's usually how a depressive period starts. I don't feel like doing anything. Then it gets worse over time to the real doom and gloom stuff. It might be worth taking a second look at.
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I feel compelled to ask who, exactly, has ruled out depression in your case, and when? If you have not recently had this diagnosis ruled out you might want to seek a second opinion just to be sure. If you are yourself a psychiatrist perhaps the following applies.

"A physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient."
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When we are used to "the high" that chemical substances has the effect to bring on, we need to remember that those "highs" are not normal nor healthy. The challenge is to find a healthy hobby that you enjoy but constantly need to be aware that there may never come one that you enjoy more than drinking.

This is an opportunity to find yourself. Open your horizon to try different things. Who knows, you may find a healthy hobby that you absolutely love.
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Another possibility could be the return of the spiritual malady we talk about in AA. A dry spell on an individual's own will power can last many years, but if the alcoholism remains untreated during that time, many of us have reported feeling irritable, restless and discontent. Life loses its lustre, in my case, I seemed to lose my connection with the world and became fearful amd really unable to get on in the world. This was the very situation for which alcohol had been my solution.

These feelings are better described in the big book "We were having trouble with personal relationships, we couldn't control our emotional natures, we were a prey to misery and depression, we couldn't make a living, we had a feeling of uselessness, we were full of fear, we were unhappy, we couldn't seem to be of real help to other people."

If you are having some of these feelings, perhaps it is time to look for a solution.
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Doing nothing is the path of least resistance. Lack of purpose can feel like boredom.

So find a purpose. Find what you are passionate about.
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Ol, tudo bem? Muito raro encontrar um br por aqui Vc de SP capital? Eu moro em Mogi das Cruzes, conhece?

Como j disseram l em cima, se vc est no seu primeiro ano normal se sentir assim, dizem q pode levar mais de 2 anos pro crebro se recuperar totalmente de anos de abuso da bebida.
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Can I ask we post in English guys?
We can't mod a post if we can't read it

How are things Flavinho?
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Now clean a year I realize I get depressed. I did before too, but being a drunk over rode my sadness...not was part of it...

The go to answer is therepy and meds.

I am not ruling them out, but I am resistant to them because of my line of work.

I don't think anyone is truly always happy.

I am not afraid to let my anger flow. I think that is important to get it out.

Just saying...out loud...who cares about that jerk...or shooting a bird to an imaginary foe, are my go to moves..

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