Why do I find it so hard?

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It's a habit, with factors like motivation and environment always being at play.

For everyone, those things look different, even between the rock stars your mentioned.

First you have to conquer the automatic impulse to do a habit, then you have to conquer the rational of choosing to stay quit on the habit.

Both parts are difficult for different reasons. Unfortunately step 1 doesn't really prepare you all that much for step 2. So your month shows you're capable of overcoming the automatic behaviour for sure, but now you need to think about what you would do after that month. How you want to experience life and deal with its challenges without alcohol.
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Originally Posted by calvin86 View Post
Just so people know. I'm not on any plan. I'm trying to do this myself.
Well there ya go. It's truly a lot easier if you use support groups, and there are different flavors to choose from - AA is only one of several depending on where you live. Do you have outpatient medical groups you can go to? Those will give you a better sense of what you're up against than you're likely to get from community support groups, that was definitely my experience. Quitting for good is hard, but quitting for good all by yourself is really really hard, and it sounds like it hasn't worked for you, so now might be a good opportunity to try an different approach.
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