Alcohol has stopped working

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Alcohol has stopped working

Hi all, I've been here before, I think alcohol has stopped working for me, I can drink massive amounts and I feel like I don't get the good effects of what it used to give me. I can drink so much and I won't feel happy. I want to stop, but withdrawal is a horrible thing to go through. I'm not a normal alcoholic, but one who will even drink hand sanitizer to make me feel better in times of distress. I'm at the point where I even scare myself because who drinks 30+ beers a day and then the next day tried to recover with a volatile substance such as hand sanitizer, has anyone been though this? the sick thing is.. when you start to feel better you go back to it again.
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Have you thought about trying to get to a hospital for help with withdrawals? What about rehab or AA? The only way out is to quit. Can you go to a doctor?

Welcome back to the site. I truly pray that you find a way to save yourself before it's too late.
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Been there too many times, i'm not going to call 911 because of that, I don't want to get charged with something, I have a job, I don't want to lose it if I go to rehab.
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Welcome back ashtomrent. There really is no such thing as a "normal" alcoholic, and believe it or not there's plenty of folks who drink as much as you to, or even more and even hand sanitizer.

I was at that point once too - i didn't drink to "feel better" - I just drank to stave of withdrawals and keep from having heart palpitations, etc. I'd strongly recommend seeing a doctor a detox center also as Bimini suggests, withdrawals can be potential dangerous, even life threatening in extreme cases.

The good news is that it's never too late to quit, and even those who drink to extremes can recover. Please be safe and stick around SR too, you'll find a lot of support and understanding here.
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What you're describing is late stage alcoholism....and I'd call it pretty normal for where you are. I ve never drank hand sanitizer but I've swallowed some mouth wash. Threw it right back up.

Please seek medical help.
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There is no "normal" alcoholic....I've never personally consumed hand sanitizer, but that doesn't mean I hadn't considered it (or mouthwash, or vanilla extract, etc etc) in times of distress.

I think seeking a medical detox is important for you. It isn't too late, and welcome back. Please stick around.
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Originally Posted by Ashtorment View Post
Been there too many times, i'm not going to call 911 because of that, I don't want to get charged with something, I have a job, I don't want to lose it if I go to rehab.
Drinking like you are, to stave off withdrawals, may cause you to lose your job. You might as well lose it for seeking help.

Plus, a company can't fire you for a disability, which alcoholism is, if you are seeking treatment...or at least that's what I was led to believe.
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Originally Posted by Ashtorment View Post
Been there too many times, i'm not going to call 911 because of that, I don't want to get charged with something, I have a job, I don't want to lose it if I go to rehab.
Go to rehab, lose your job, but you're alive. Don't go, it won't matter about your job, because you are killing yourself.
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life is more valuable then a job i'd say.
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When alcohol quit working for me sobriety was right around the corner! I also kept drinking for awhile just to manage the withdrawals, but that was a special place in hell that I couldn't tolerate for long. I finally got up the courage to get medical help for detox and then treatment to learn how to live sober. Been sober over 3 years now. You can do this, but you have to take that first step and reach out for some help.
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Protecting your job cannot be the first priority right now, what you described is a serious situation that if not acted upon could very easily lead to your death.

Please don't detox at home, you definitely need a medical detox. If you truly cannot lose your job, then take off a couple days or a week and at least medical detox and get a doctor, psychiatrist, and counselor that all specialize addiction behind you and start really following the doctor, psychiatrist's, and counselor's recommendations.

Medical detox, full psychological evaluation, lots of counseling, and the appropriate medications from your doctor and psychiatrist will get you back on your feet. Making a recovery plan and deciding what recovery program you want to follow or if you want to combine a couple of them- doesn't matter just make sure you are working with/following SOMETHING. I think you know deep down that it is time to reach out and truly try something different. Alcohol isn't doing it anymore, what do you have to lose by quitting?
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What about getting some support with detox over a long weekend or with some days off, and attending outpatient?

I also found alcohol "quit working" for me in terms of a buzz, or even relief and my
paranoia and fear kept increasing the more I drank.

The good news was it helped me quit for good--no more reward
made it easier.

Please do whatever you need to in order to stop.
This does sounds like late stage--
Best to you
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Re: Alcohol not working anymore

When alcohol finally lost its effectiveness I started to experience an overwhelming sense of discomfort. My initial reaction was to grab a hold of ‘anything’ that could quell those uneasy feelings. The list of suitable alternatives were just as dangerous, but not as daunting as long term sobriety. And if alcohol is truly out of the picture, like gone forever, what kind of life can I possibly lead anyway? It was something I could not even fathom, let alone experience. So what was I supposed to do? I’ll come to that later.

I guess my reliance on alcohol made it nearly impossible to quit cold turkey. So the alternatives were limited, indeed. Now that I’ve been sober for over 15 years I can finally accept change as it happens. The first phase in the transition process started back in early 2001. It’s when I hit rock bottom. I started to change my perception about sobriety when I began to experience a sense of comfort that was not alcohol related. I was finally able to break that ‘habitual loop’ that kept at bay for over 25 years.

After changing my overall perspective about alcohol and addictions alike, I started to transition my thinking from an addictive mindset to a life that was full of promise. It started out with a desire, a desire to change my way of life before it came crashing down. Then I stated to carve out a set of goals that were not only attainable but convincing as well. After some soul searching I started to reexamine my conscience and more importantly how a habit is formed. Then, I stated to form a set of counter measures that could break those annoying habits once and for all.

After initializing a game plan that could significantly reduce all the wear and tear, I could easily manage my addictions without any sense of remorse. I also changed some of those annoying behaviors that fueled my active addiction. Then, I started to practice greater self control. I also had to establish a well fortified barrier that could protect all my interests and not just a select few. When I did, nothing, and I mean nothing was off limits. After 15 years of continuous sobriety I can finally enjoy all the benefits of long term sobriety, and so can you. Onward.
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Excellent, inspring post MrDavid.
I agree with the major mindset change as an essential
step in making sobriety a new "habit" that becomes rewarding in itself.
instead of being "denied" alcohol.

Yesterday I bought a new car--my first one and I'm nearly 51--
I was able to do this because I became sober, rebuilt my credit rating,
and now earn a great deal of extra money in my field which I could not have done still drinking.

My life continues to improve and my goals, once met, are revised and then expanded.
Next year, I'm planning a trip to Bali.
After that, working towards early, comfortable retirement and more travel.
I am participating in life instead of letting it happen in a drunken haze.

I am also pursuing creative dreams again I had long put aside.
Life feels like it is beginning again and it is,
in a sense, because I put the bottle down for good
and replaced it with meaning and positive purpose--
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It sounds like you are in the very late stages of alcoholism. Do you have a plan to stop and recover? Do you WANT to stop and recover?

Praying for you...
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I too reached the point where alcohol did not physically work anymore. I couldn't get drunk no matter how much alcohol I'd drink. That was when my alcoholism went from bad to a living hell. I felt horrible sober and I felt horrible drinking.
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There is a lot of really good comments here Ashtorment, I really hope even though you haven't responded to anyone that you have at least read all the advice and personal stories here and that you move towards recovery.

Please reach out and get the help you need. Go to a hospital, a medical detox center, find a doctor you can be honest with, a psychiatrist/psychologist that specializes in addiction to help you work through your addiction, counseling and some type of recovery support group. It doesn't have to be AA- it can be any of the numerous ones out there, family, sober friends..ANYTHING is better then nothing.

I know it can be scary, but I know you know what the alternative is if you do not fight for your life.

Please reach out.
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Been there, done that (except for the hand sanitizer part - I just made damn sure I never ran out of beer). For the last few years of my drinking, I could easily drink a case of beer and not really feel it.

I eventually ended up in the ER with severe anxiety issues and it was then and there that I decided to stop. Looking back, that decision saved my life. I was also worried about my job. Turns out all of the worry was for nothing as my boss didn't even find out about it.

Please seek help. Your life is WAY too important to lose to this horrible thing we call alcoholism.
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