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I just read a sad story today that a young man from my area who died in mid-April mysteriously was found to have a BAC of almost .3 and had bled to death. Last seen with friends at bar time. 22 years old.

I'm so grateful today for my sobriety and to know I won't die of some random drunken disaster. Alcohol can really be a killer. What a sad ending for such a promising young life!
Could have been me.....
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Live every moment kittycat3. That's the challenge I suppose. Good thing we dropped the intrusive substances?
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Yeah, I could probably fill a book with dumb drunken antics. Driving drunk to cooking with gas to setting off stupid mistake could have cost me my life!

So glad for sobriety and the peace of mind it brings!
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Fell through a glass church sign right?
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.3 BAC. Wow.
Whenever I hear about stories like that I have to say "But for the grace of God..."
Glad I got out.

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