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Originally Posted by sleepie View Post
I haven't anything else to say.
You wouldn't have come here today if that were true. Only you can make the choice to drink or not, and cutting yourself off from the sole support you have will not help.
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Originally Posted by sleepie View Post
I haven't anything else to say.
S'OK, darling. You know I love you, right?
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Sleepie please be kind to yourself.
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Sleepie......I'm giving you a great big bear hug. Do the next right thing.
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now's the time
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Sleepie, thinking of you.
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Hi Sleepie,

Hope you are doing ok. If you have alcohol in he house please dump it. If you have already drank, dump what you have left.

No matter what you currently have goin in it is so much easier to deal with it sober.

Lots of people on here are ready to listen. Let us know how you are doing.

❤️ Delilah
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FYI: you are an important part of the SR forum, sleepie. I always find your posts thoughtful and real. I know things are tough right now...

No matter what happened with whatever is in the fridge, please resume posting. We are all here for you, just as you have been for us.
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Is all I got for now

I am beyond my wit's end.

I took 2 Benadryl just to be able to calm down. Now I am simply overeating.

I have no relief no release.
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Thanks for posting, sleepie. I'm glad you didn't cave in and drink--things would go down hill very quickly if you did.
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I'm worried about you Sleepie... Hang in there Honey...
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I have not drank but I am beyond what I can handle.
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Originally Posted by sleepie View Post
I have not drank but I am beyond what I can handle.
It's always within your power to choose not to drink, no matter what happens.
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I am finally kind of ready to say something.

I was judged yet again by someone in a cruel manner meant to publicly humiliate me and I am furious and I shouldn't have to say this but I have every right to be.

BF has a degree in a field that people respect. I have one in art. WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT TALENTS. Mine are not academic and so excuse me for doing what I do and what I know.

SO anyway. We are all hanging out and bf was talking about his old school and I said well, where I went it was much better for art. And that is true.

Then mutual acquaintance looks at me and goes with a huge smirk "And how's that workin' out for ya?" Because she makes a TON of money and I am poor, very poor. Because unfortunately, my brain was not gifted in the things that are deemed pay worthy. I am an artist. Meanwhile this b**** has MY artwork in her child's room- huge murals I painted for free.

What does she do? She works a corporate job, and society applauds her. What do I do? Make the world prettier and more interesting, and some people happier. But I am s***.

Because- MONEY MONEY MONEY and things and cars and homes and more things and the BEST things that money can buy is what's important here folks. What... contributing to culture and engaging in a meaningful endeavor that actually brings people happiness? USELESS, people, USELESS.

Yes my life is a fail. I was not born with any talents that are money making. I have no money and I have no family... I am not academic and will never be...

Art making was the only thing left that made me feel worth anything at all, anything.

Slapped in the face by one that I have given my art, my very heart and soul... the only thing I possess to give- away to.

A little more of my heart died off today.
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Ah Sleepie, just because the society we live in is geared towards people who have money..doesn't make it a good society, I personally think we live in a very SICK society, run and controlled by sick narcissists.
I am dirt poor too, but I look at these "elite" and the wealthy the "winners"..(winners of what? Being sick enough to thrive in the sickness?) as they are reguarded by our culture.
If you bring beauty into the world, you should not allow yourself to feel put down by people whoes only talent is making money and are probably jealous of your talent
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I haven't been able to sleep again, I have been very distraught. I haven't had much to feel good about in life and this, just this one small thing... to be gladly accepted and then s*** on by this smug individual... and people in general. I am so tired of it being taken for granted. I am so sick of daring to feel ok about something in life only to have it crapped on. All I know for now is...


All day long. I will maybe report back on how many take the pain away.
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Its the folks who made the world more beautiful that we remember not the folks who made themselves rich.
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Do not waste your time worrying what some snotty women with her nose in the air thinks..You and the art you love to do are what matters...head up....
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Love, don't let the turkeys get you down. You know and I know that art trumps money every day.
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I haven't much but I do give it. It was a real slap in the face to be treated that way, after I had made some really beautiful work for them. It hurts because my heart was in it. And then just stamped on. It takes all the happy out of doing something for another person.
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So don't let her cheap shot take your peace of mind, or your sobriety.

I find (as a poet) that non-creatives were often looking to make a joke
about me "studying poetry" like I had wasted my time.

I saw through that pretty quick though--they are jealous and sad
at some level that they had neither the nerve nor talent to try.

That made it easier--I now have compassion for those who do not know
the joy of making art.

What a sterile world they inhabit.
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