Day 12 and Exercising!

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Day 12 and Exercising!

Today is 12 days sober for me. I'm feeling pretty great. Yesterday, I had a really up and down kind of day. Spent the day by myself, and my mood was just all over the place. At least there are "ups" I suppose.

Friday, I took a 12-mile walk. It felt amazing. The past two days, not so amazing, haha. My butt cheeks hurt. However, I spent some time with a friend I had actually previously met in a bar. I told him about my sobriety, not specifically saying I'm doing it because I'm an alcoholic and he thought it was great. He even considered trying out sobriety and is interested in doing some sober activities.

I've really come to realize how many "friends" I lost as a result of becoming sober. I don't really have anyone to call just to go for a walk or a hike or take a trip out of town. It's a little frustrating, and it's making this whole... finding other things to do a little more difficult, especially considering I'm pretty socially inept.

Anyway, now that I've babbled... I hope everyone here is doing well! As always, thanks for all of the support!
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Congrats on 12 days! Have you looked into meetups? There are groups for just about everything. My experience with it has been decent....and like anything, ya get out of it what you put in.
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Congrats on 12 days!!
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