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my cousin gave my family stick. especially my mother saying she is making me drink. i gave him some right abuse.

I feel like knocking him out. how dare he.
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I'd concentrate on your own issues, you cannot control the words or actions of others.
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Is this the same family you blocked and cut contact with before? Maybe time to do it again. It may be best to leave them to their drama and blame games and stay out of their arguments. Completely. Even if their topic of choice is you. One thing that helped me was to learn that what others think about me is none of my business. My business is keeping my side of the street clean. Staying sober and doing things that help me to maintain a healthy sobriety, and that (for me) means not picking up resentments, accepting my part in things and trying to put things right if I've said or done things that harm others, and staying away from trigger people, places and things. (Even if they happen to be family).
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