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I like hot weather, particularly if there is low humidity or, even if the humidity is high, I am in the shade.

My wife and I are going to Key West next month.

I get up and run a few miles in the morning, before the sun is high in the sky, and we always walk on the shady side of the street.

But we like to duck into galleries, bookstores, etc., which are invariably cold, and leave some money.

I dress for the heat as best as possible.

Today, I had to wear a suit, so I wore a poplin suit and am comfortable.

Other days, I will wear a tennis style shirt or a short sleeve button down shirt.

And on the weekends, and when I run, I wear wife beaters, which are very cool.

I can certainly run a lot further when the weather breaks and things cool off a little outside.

Sorry for all you folks who do better in cold weather.

It seems like I have to spend months at a time bundled up in wool trying to stay warm.
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Sleepie, I don't think there is anything wrong with having issues with the heat. Where I live it gets really hot, some days well over 100 degrees. It's all I can do to get from one place to the next, it just seems to drain you of energy, or it does for me. I also think it's a lot more intense in the city. I don't live in the city so there is lots of grass, lakes, etc where I am. However, in the city it's all hot pavement and people all over. I can see how it could cause some anxiety.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I am counting down the months!
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Well I did it and walked for probably 40 minutes maybe longer. It is so, so humid though, I sat in a garden for awhile and couldn't enjoy it as I had heated up so much. I mean it was like I was sweating yet the air wasn't cooling me off. It was overcast though and it even rained. I walk quickly so the air was breezing by on me and I felt ok until I stopped and then began to feel like I was heated from the inside. I don't know quite how to explain it but just felt like I was being heated from the inside out.

Hi hopeful4 it is nice to meet you, and the countdown is on
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Hot humid days bother me also sleepy, but not to that extent, that's awful. What bothers me most is the way I sweat! Ugh, I thought I sweat like that because I drank too much, but it hasn't changed. I just drip sweat, it's so embarrassing.
It took quite some time before I felt better and forever to look better.. Stinks, I know.
Hope you feel better soon.
Edited to add I know what you mean by feeling heated from the inside, like hot flashes, it's awful I know!
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Yep to all of that jessie!

Well I have been trying ti take advantage when the weather is less than 90 degrees I walk. I mean it has to be better than nothing... I hope.
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