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Congrats on day two, and thank you for your post. It's a great reminder of how the addiction doesn't go away and not to get complacent. I've had a few day one's in the past few weeks, and they're always the worst - anxiety-ridden, depressed, tired. I've just completed day six, and I feel amazing. You will, too! Clearly, you can do this. You've done it before and made it a hell of a lot farther than I ever did.
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Thank you sdi and everyone.

Made it to Day 3, and feel physically worse but also feel like I'm on my way to somewhere better. Thank you for the encouragement and reminding me that it will definitely get better. This is what I need to go through. It feels like sickness but it's actually positive.

x thanks

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Congrats on day 3 Redberry! Yes, you are in the thick of acute withdrawals right now...but things should start getting better on that front soon. Your body and mind are simply getting used to not being sedated all the things are waking up/moving around/cleansing like they haven't for a while. The best news of all is that this is the last time you ever have to feel this way!
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As we say in AA after someone speaks, thanks for sharing! Brave of you, and hopeful, too.

Great news on getting to day 2. Good luck R!
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Hi Red Berry - you should start feeling better tomorrow - the first three days are tough. I'm on day 7 now and am feeling exponentially better each day.
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Thank you Ready. Need to hear this!
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Day 4 today. A little better physically, struggling a bit emotionally and spiritually, but I am sober.

Woke up at two worrying about work since I took yesterday off to recuperate. It's a chaotic place; competitive and quite nasty at times but it's a job. My views and values don't match at all, but being in recovery will give me options. I think of the last couple months and that feeling of being of the worst feelings there is. The job I am working now is not one I interviewed for, or chose, it's a transfer due to reorganization. It's a bit of a nightmare, but soon I will have options again.

I want to learn to live without alcohol again and see the world open up. If I don't belong and it's not healthy for me I can go. For now it pays the bills, and I can squeeze out some new skills training while I get back on my feet. My reviews are excellent. I quit drinking just before things changed for the worse. I am so grateful there is a lot of hope for a new direction . But now isn't the time to jump. I want to get a firm footing in sobriety, and a clearer idea of my next step.

The anxiety is bad. I am still pretty weak. I can't wait for the weekend. Thank you so much for your help.
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Be gentle with yourself right now, Red. Those first days were awful in terms of anxiety/depression and feeling physically like crud (I know you know this, but we are always hardest on ourselves).

You recognized that you falling back into an unhealthy pattern, and that you didn't want to. Those things are not to be discounted. You're taking steps to not continue with it. That takes strength, no matter how much sober time you've had before. Keep going. Glad you found this site.
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It's a miracle to come back after a slip. This disease kills. We're here for a ya red. Your an awesome individual for fighting this and an inspiration to us all.
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that's exactly right, Red, your number of options grows with continued sobriety.
keep going.
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