Pregnant and recovery

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Pregnant and recovery

I've had a problem with acholic for about 3 years. It was just fun then it become the thing that helped me meet people, date and deal with my depression. I had blackouts, DUI and now losing my family. I didn't drink everyday but when I did drink I drank heavy and fast! Beer and wine have always been my choice. I found out I was pregnant and from the beginning my boyfriend told me to get rid of the child or he would leave me. I was depressed and cut back on drinking big time until the abortion. I was told I went through a miscarriage. Long story story short I went back to the doctor about 6 weeks later and I was 13 weeks pregnant. I knew then I was keeping the child but I was also keeping my addiction. I stopped drinking and really stopped going around my family who are all alcoholics and don't see any harm in drinking pregnant. They would still offer me drinks even with my full belly. I relapsed and drank. I know it's wrong and I'm coming here because I have no where else to go. I feel so helpless and alone in this. I just want to hear stories of people who have went through this and how they got clean and sober. I want it so bad but I feel so helpless. I just don't understand why I can't stop. I have read hours and hours on FAS and now there is nothing I can do to undo any damage I might have caused my child. I can only hope and pray my child will be ok and not relapse again. I'm trying and need some help.

Please send love and understanding to me please.
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Why not reach out and get some real life face-to-face support. It might seem scarily more real, but possibly you need a bit more 'real' at the moment.

Maybe you have already done damage, but quite possibly you haven't, and stopping could make a massive massive difference to your child's life. AND to yours. I work in a special needs school and teach some children with FAS, and they are delightful, but they are hard work.
You have decided to keep this baby and be a mum. The job starts now. Please, go along to AA or whatever other support group is nearby. Let those people help you. All of the people in an AA meeting are alcoholics. They will understand what you have been, and what you are going through. They will not judge you.

I would also implore you to be honest with your doctor so that you and your unborn child can get the best care available to you.
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Welcome to SR hopeforlife. You will find a lot of support here and information on ways to get and stay sober. Regarding your pregnancy, please make sure your doctor is aware of the situation, they may have information about local meetings or other resources to help as well. Be wary of getting medical info on the Internet, it can make things even scarier than they need be.
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