1 year of being out with the bottle I am back!

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1 year of being out with the bottle I am back!

Just jumping right back into little thing that can give me support at the moment.

about a year ago I was sober ! active on Sr and life was going decent. But because I picked that first drink up a year just flew by where I drank, lost my license, got into debt, hurt my family, ruined my health!! all in one year that flew by!!!

I have to get long term sobriety this time! so far the plan is to get active in A.A 5 nights a week and also on SR.

hope to get loads of support from you guys and if anyone is thinking of picking up a drink DONT DO IT!!!!! IT'S A TRAP!!
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Welcome back zoomi, glad you were able to pull out of the downward spiral and get some help. AA and SR sounds like a great combination to me, and of course you'll find a lot of support here.
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good to see you back. I've struggled myself latly with the idea of taking on some debt or picking up a drink. and I think nope this pain i'm going through now may be bad but it wont be as bad as it would be if i entertained any of those 2 ideas.

life aint perfect but it doesnt have to be any worse then it already is at times no sense in drinking.
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Hello, welcome back. Sobriety first.
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Welcome back. I did a lot of meetings at the start, but I got involved in everything else also. I was averaging, I guess, 6 meetings a week, and about three steps a month. The latter work is what brought about permanent recovery.

The meetings got me through the day while I had no defence, but struggling from one day to the next was no way to achieve what I have now. Too hard!
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Do your best
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good stuff
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Sorry to hear of the relapse. Use what you gained during a year's sobriety and use that as fuel to get another back- and another...

As sad as it is to hear of the misfortunes you've suffered on account of the relapse, it helps those here who harbor thoughts (or delusions?) of drinking "normally" again by showing what really happens when we return to the bottle.
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I guess the main point I keep hearing is to go to a.a and do the work! I always went to meetings but never did the steps or had a sponsor. I am extremely shy so I go into a meeting and run out once it's over.

early recovery sucks lol

thanks for the support everyone!
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Thank you for sharing your story. I went back out after some years of sobriety from booze. Lost job, license, respect and almost my life too. Back on the path sober from booze AND pills for over 4 months. The greatest gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones, is continued sobriety and being simply present for ANY thing.
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I feel your pain graced333!!! I can't believe that after some sober time we would go back to it!!! and everything we lose when we go back really sucks. I wish you luck!!
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Glad you made it back!

I once had over 5 years sober and thought I was cured.

So I drank a couple of beers with dinner one night. Then it was a downhill ride for the next year while I tried, over and over, to stay sober for more than a couple of weeks.

Finally giving in and going to AA, along with finding this website helped me get sober again.
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Glad you're trying again.
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One day at a time. ..
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