Day 4 hope I don't become a bore

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Day Nine is indeed good news. Are there any other things in your life that you think could cause you to relapse in the near future? Family events, some challenge at work, a holiday... anything like that? Be good if you can anticipate them and take some action to manage them well.
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Well done, Ian!
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Originally Posted by FormerBeerLover View Post
Reading about somebody winning over alcohol is NEVER boring. Keep it up, Ian!
So very true!
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Way to go on the mounting sober time!!! For me being a wasted slug everyday is worse than a was a prison that I couldn't escape. Being an active participant in the world is awesome. There aren't enough hours in the day. It is the furthest thing from boring. You are doing great!
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Originally Posted by Berrybean View Post
Now I'm sober and realise how much drunk people repeat themselves and talk endlessly about themselves, what they thing and want and how little interest they have in other people or things, and am able to reflect honestly, I realise that actually I was far more of a bore when I was a drunk than I am now while I'm sober. Nowadays, I'm happy to listen rather than just spew my own self-obsessed garbage into everyone's ears. And if I have nothing to say, I am able to keep quiet because I don't feel the need to keep pushing myself into the centre of things.
But we knew we were so funny, charming, and witty, always contributing meaningful things to any conversation!! Ha. We are definitely a selfish bunch.

OP - Bore away!! Or, as I like from a poster above- we were boring then, but sure aren't now.
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So very happy for you! It's always hard but the beginning is the worst.

Seriously makes me want to hit my head with a hammer as it seems once I feel 'good' I stupidly start the process over!

Seriously, good for you. Hope you are feeling well.
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I have made it to 10 days, really looking forward to two weeks. Sorry to repeat myself, but you have all helped.
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Congratulations on 10 days Ian.
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10 days - wonderful news, Ian. Post as much as you want - that's why we're here.
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Still in there

Tomorrow will be day 14 & 2 weeks. For me, it is 2 clear weekends, which is usually when I fell off the wagon. Feeling better and still looking forward and not back.😊
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well done, Ian!
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Do your best
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Congratulations Ian
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Originally Posted by D122y View Post

Getting sober is embracing let's us know our true self.

No more drunken ramblings followed by hours hungover sitting around.

Now sober, my days are full of activity. Chores, shopping, excercise, exploration, tinkering. Sobriety is freedom.

When drunk, I was restricted to my house usually, unless I wanted to drukenly walk or ride my bicycle around the town. Not fun.

This being the 2nd day of a 4 day weekend for me...before...I would be so passed out right now...wake up...heart beating out of my chest..,head pounding...exhausted...anxiety ridden, guilty feeling....wondering if I left the stove on or something....

I feel fresh now...strong and clear as a bell. So free.

Stay clean. Change your life a bit.

Sobriety is how we were designed to live. There is not a living thing on earth that is designed to ingest alcohol and flurish. Alcohol is a brain altering toxin.

Don't believe the marketing hype we have been exposed to since birth. It is all nonsense.

Proudly sober.
Very well spoken, amigo.
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Went to the pub yesterday. Two pints of lime juice and soda water. No alcohol and still sober.
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Congratulations 2 weeks! Excellent job!! Let's keep it going.
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Keep it up, Ian. You're doing great!
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Congrats on two weeks, Ian! I'm closing in on a month - day 27 today - and it was both hard and easy to get here, if that makes sense.

If I'm reading the original post right, do you mean being a general? I asked my BF a couple of weeks ago, as I now (obviously) tend to prefer to stay home (bars are big here, there isn't much else to do) and the couple times I've been out for shows, etc, I'm much quieter without that social "lube." Then I decided, if I am now "boring," so be it. I've maintained my sparkling wit and sarcasm (haha) and am much more able to be involved in conversations that are meaningful. Worthwhile trade-off!
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Still here and feeling good. Thanks everyone and for those of us who have fallen off the wagon. You can get back on and you will succeed.
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Keep it up . I'm still here too after a month .
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