anniversaries what to do?

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anniversaries what to do?

anyone do anything special for anniveraries if so what? do your friends or family ever do anything for them?
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Do you mean sobriety anniversaries or other things like wedding anniversaries?
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I go to lunch with my Sponsor and have a good 1x1..

Personally I don't really mention it to my family unless asked, I keep it close to my heart. I never want to be over confident and complacent about my recovery..

Just my 2 cents.. Wishing you a happy anniversary!! Nice work, keep it up!!
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For my 5-year anniversary I went to an AA meeting for the first time in about 4.5 years, just to remind myself where it all started, in that same room. Otherwise, I find it's a good time to reflect, but I don't celebrate or do anything special.
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My family takes me out to a new fancy restaurant. I think that's appropriate because it is a celebration for them too. Dad's not a drunk anymore.
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I had too many "false" celebrations....I will celebrate once I know I am completely recovered from this disease!! Sorry to be a wet blanket...
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Right now, only 22 days in, everyday is a mini celebration if I'm sober
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I usually treat myself to something usually a nice meal. I get a coin at AA and everyone put their mojo on it
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now's the time
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My first anniversary will be on Bastille Day so I plan on attending some kind of get together and just telling people I'm a big fan of France.
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If I'm in my home town, I buy a cake and take it to the meeting. If not I usually try and be at a meeting and speak up when they ask if there are any birthdays.
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i dont do anything special for living the way i should have been my entire life.
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I could write a book on how I feel about celebrations/anniversaries/birthdays, but suffice it to say, I don't like them. I do like spending a day reflecting on accomplishing a tough summer or winter season or a big month long project...other than that, pfffft.

Every day is a mini celebration, we are alive.
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I guess I don't make a big deal out of them.

Sometimes (like this year) I forget the actual day but I know it's in early April. I usually make a point of getting a coin, although I did forget to get one for year 4.

I guess you probably figured out that I don't count sober days. Everyday is a new opportunity to live my life "one day at a time."
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Originally Posted by tomsteve View Post
i dont do anything special for living the way i should have been my entire life.
I guess I feel this way too. I don't feel particularly worthy of all the wonderful things that have come my way, and I really hate it when someone starts congratulating me for something which was not my doing.

But I did make a deal in the steps. If God would take away my difficulties, which He did, I promised to bear witness to His power. So I front up as a witness to God's power and the fact that AA has a long term solution.
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