Pressing the Reset Button

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Pressing the Reset Button

I had a nice, quiet day today. I rested a bit, watched my younger son's lax game, prepared food for the week, and read.

Back when I was active in my addiction I had the misconception that life was supposed to be exciting and that on quiet days I must be doing something wrong. I had major fear of missing out; it still pops up from time to time.

Haha, in fact today I didn't know many of the parents at the lax game. I felt kind of insecure, like I was doing something wrong for NOT knowing them, and started to find them annoying.

I didn't practice my new redirection technique to think of 3 things In grateful for every time I feel resentful or annoyed. Later I did and eventually the clarity emerged that I wasn't mad at them; I was insecure that I felt left out.

In recovery I'm grateful to have the opportunity to press the restart button any time my thinking gets too toxic.
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think of 3 things In grateful for every time I feel resentful
Practicing gratitude is the best thing I've ever done for myself. What a difference it makes.
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Gleefan, you are really on it with the self awareness. Thanks for sharing your tips. You do a great job of catching yourself and assessing your real motivations... it's really helpful for me to read about.
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Good job Gleefan
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You never fail to impress me, gleefan!!!!
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mmmm. Thanks for this. That's a great recovery tool. I often say recovery is what happens in that moment between gut reaction and action. I had heard, "Pray for them..." which, okay - I can do that, but not right away. I can be grateful for something in the moment, though! Excellent.

Resentment? = Say three things I'm grateful for. Right then. Not three hours later, when I've ruined my own day and gone spinning off-track. Thank you.

Reset button.
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Bimini - It's been a game changer for me!
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Very, very helpful gleefan. Makes such good sense.
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