A few bumps in the road, but.....

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A few bumps in the road, but.....

Hi Everyone,
Well, just stretching my arm around really far to give myself a pat on the back. June 1st is a year since I joined SR. I started out as Ringthedoorbell, but as you can see am now Croutie. It has not been a perfect year. I would guess I have consumed maybe 5-6 bottles of wine in total through the year. Compared to often drinking a whole bottle in one evening, I am pretty proud of myself. I think the grief that had a stranglehold on me is easing a little bit. I was in a very sad place, but see the sadness lifting some.
My goal henceforth is no wine. I haven't had any alcohol for quite a while now, and can say I really am not missing it anymore. Hubby is not drinking now due to health issues, so that is a plus.
So for anyone out there trying to quit, I say you can do it. When you slip up, get right back on that sober horse. Don't let it escalate to a full blown problem. Start anew the very next day. I am certainly no expert, but in my experience, not beating myself up for a mistake, and quickly rectifying it by committing myself to not drinking again has worked pretty well. I can't wait to report back next June with one year TOTALLY, COMPLETELY sober. Thanks for reading this y'all. ;-)
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Great Work, keep it up for another year!
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Awesome job! I don't know your story but I'm glad your grief is lifting. Its a very sneaky thing. My hub will be dead 5 years Oct. 31st and I think I'm finally turning a corner. In yoga this AM I actually told myself I'd celebrate Halloween this year. Don't know why I was thinking about it as Halloween is months away. Guess, in some way, he is always close by in my thoughts.
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Great job Croutie--you really have made serious sobriety progress and have much to be proud of.
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Congratulations on a year of forward movement!!
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Congrats on your progress Croutie

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Very proud of you, Croutie. You're doing this.
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Great job, Croutie...from one Georgia girl to another
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I remember RTDB from way back. I not know you was also Croutie.

Hi old friend! And good on you!
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Congratulation Croutie. Glad your grief is starting to lift. It can certainly knock you around, I know.
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Did you know that Ring the Doorbell is a restaurant in San Jose, Costa Rica?

Good job.
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