4 Year Anniversary

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4 Year Anniversary

Well actually 2 days ago, May 16th I celebrated my 4th year of sobriety. I wish that I could just put into words the feeling of accomplishment and life and happiness but I can't. There are no words. I pray that all of you who are sober stay the course and that all of you who are just starting your journey experience strength and determination that you've never felt before. I CAN say that the rewards are daily and never-ending. You can and will get past the urges. I drank every day for YEARS and I am totally beyond it now. Don't get me wrong. I know I can never drink again but I guess my point is I don't miss it and haven't for a long time. It gets easier people you just have to get past the first few weeks. All of my best !
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Congratulations Hefner!!
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Originally Posted by Midwest1981 View Post
Congratulations Hefner!!
Thank you !
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under new management
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What a fantastic post! Your joy is evident!

Congratulations on 4 years
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now's the time
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Congratulations! That's wonderful!
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Awesome good job!
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Congratulations, it is wonderful and a wonderful post.
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Ya, mon. good stuff!
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Well done!
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Do your best
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Excellent congratulations 4 years is great
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Well said, Hef! Sobriety is the gift that keeps on giving. Congrats on 4 years!
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Congrats Hef! 4 years is pretty awesome..
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Originally Posted by Hefner View Post

May 16th I celebrated my 4th year of sobriety.
Congratulations -- nice job.
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Congratulations! Wonderful!!!!!!!
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well done Hefner

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That's wonderful! Congrats, Hefner.
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We share the same anniversary date
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Very Nice. Way to go!!!'
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on four years sober! And thank you for an inspiring post.
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Congratulations Hefner, glad you've found such peace and stability. Well done.
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