Shakes still

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Shakes still

Ive been sober for nearly 5 months now and the shaking still drives me mad. I take my normal meds which consist of Seroxat, baclofen and anti abuse. Just wondered if any one has taken any natural remedies to help. Already take thiamine and a-z vitamins. Thanks.
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Sorry to hear you are still having issues. We cannot give medical advice here though, so it would be best to check with your doctor or therapist to find out what the cause may be. "Natural remdies" can have quite severe interactions with other drugs as well so i'd recommend checking with your doctor on those as well.
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Ok. Didn't realise that about natural remedies. Thanks for that scott.
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I would definitely go to a doctor and get his or her opinion about how to address your problem with shaking.

Mine went away at some point, but I can't remember how long it took.

It sounds like you are doing a good job of staying sober, which is a life and death matter if you are like me.

Keep us posted.
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Yeah in the scheme of things its better than drinking of course. Just drives me insane. Will go see the doc but he is useless tbh so need to consider changing.
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You could have a vitamin deficiency. I would definitely ask the doctor about that. They can test your blood easily for that. Good Luck.
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Shaking after 5 months of sobriety is definitely something to talk to your doc about!
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Welcome Marissa

zo0378, folks here can guess til the cows come home, but noone can really know whats up.

If you're concerned, I hope you'll see a Dr.

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When I first relapsed after 2 years sober I had a 'tremor' in my left hand, especially when I did yoga, for several months. I am 15 days now and the same tremor is somewhat detectable, but not bad.

I don't know why. I can only guess that my CNS is just so hosed up that it takes quite a while to heal.

Have you had your blood sugar monitored?
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I have a slight tremor in my left hand that gets worse after caffeine. After 3 cups of coffee I can't take a selfie, the phone's quivering so much.. lol..

How much coffee do you drink,?
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Had a caffeine free fews days. Shakes still there but loads better. Looks like decaff tea is the way forward. Feel like a right nana
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