Made it Past Temptation

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Made it Past Temptation

Drove past a liquor store, went in, looked around, walked out without buying. Today is a good day to be sober.
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Do your best
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Good job not drinking
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Good job, MagicGorilla. But kind of tempting the devil. Were you considering a purchase?
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Every time we make it over one of those hurdles it strengthens us. I'm so glad you didn't cave, Magilla.
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Glad you didn't buy anything. Maybe go a different way next time, to avoid going past it.
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good job!. I always get stupid ideas when i'm near my old beer shops. its dumb too i'll think well maybe theres a sale or wonder what the prices are like these days just go in and check... Its like NO NO NO !
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I'm glad you resisted

Are you going to make some changes to your recovery plan, maybe beef it up a little?

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Good job. Tough to do early on.
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For the longest time, my car would almost automatically try to pull into my old liquor store haunts, just by driving past one. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to avoid them because there were so many and there was always one that was on my route to or from somewhere... now, I don't even notice them...
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I'm glad you got past that.
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Celebrate these successes, good for you!
Earlier today, before I went to the grocery store, I started thinking about wine heavily and wondering if I would make it to the trip without buying any. However, once I got there, I was so focused on staying in my budget, I not only didn't buy any, I didn't even go down the wine/beer aisle or even think about it while I was in the store!
I hope some day this becomes second nature to me.
It's just my Day 1, I will hit 24 hours tonight, but I'm ready to stop re-starting and do things differently.
I applaud your success, soon, I hope we won't even consider going to liquor stores or by the wine aisle!
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