Acceptance-- How to do it???

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For me, acceptance has taken a lot of practice untangling myself from others' behaviors, and firming up the boundaries where other people end and I begin. Working the 12 steps helped me out the principles of the serenity prayer into action.

The books The Language of Letting Go and Codependent No More have been helpful; in fact right now I'm in a small codependency 12 step work group.
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Originally Posted by Jsober View Post
The serenity prayer brings me peace when I am struggling. It reminds I can't control people or circumstances but I can control my reaction to them.
Used this hundred times a day espically in early sobriety. It eventually sunk in somehow!!
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Somewhere around 30 I realized that although other people annoy me sometimes, I must annoy others without really sing it. They put up with me and I put up with them. Nobody's perfect.

I have experiences that shaped my opinions, values, and morals just like they have experiences that shape their opinions, values, morals.

I am more choosy about who I'm close with just as others may not choose to be close with me.
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