Kudzu Root

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Kudzu Root

Hi everyone,

Have you tried Kudzu root yet? It's a herbal supplement that reduces cravings for alcohol. I've started taking it and the results are amazing!

N.B It can't be taken by people whose liver is damaged
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I did take Kudzu for a while. It never seemed to help reduce my cravings, but I spent 40 years reinforcing my drinking. In the end, and it was a long struggle with much Pitiful & Incomprehensible Demoralization, repeated over and over ... the only thing that worked for me was a combination of Antibuse and the 12 Steps of AA ... I am now well over 2 years Sober.

I have heard that Kudzu does help reduce cravings in some people, so I am glad it is helping for you. It didn't for me, as well as many other things that seem to work for a lot of people ...

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I tried it too - but at the time I was NOT in the right mindset to quit. I thought it would be a quick fix and just take the drinking away. Not the case. I have not tried it while not actively drinking. When I took it, I didn't notice anything, but was not in tune with much at the time.
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Echoing what behappy said, I did try it years ago but was not in the right frame of mind for anything to "work." If it didn't magically get rid of all the cravings, then I'd immediately declare it a failure and go drink again, because that was the plan to begin with.

I hope it does work for you. I've read that it's been used for centuries in China as a way to cure for hangovers and to diminish cravings for alcohol.
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As with any supplement, natural or not, seeing a doctor is always your best bet before taking anything.
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