Any Stories on Campral?

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Any Stories on Campral?

I am on day one..23.00hrs. Jittery and unbelievably itchy. 46 yrs old last Friday....Drinker for 30 years, drunk pretty much every day for 15 years. Started campral today and wondered if anyone has any experience of it...
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I don't, but someone should be along shortly to help out.
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I've been on it for about ten days now. I haven't had any side effects and it has seemed to help me. If you find any problems with it, talk to your doctor as I do know of some people who have had side effects with it. I guess like everything else it works better for some than others. Good luck on your sobriety journey, it gets better!
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my experience when I took campral under Dr supervision was ok I don't know if it helped reduce the cravings as I had still had urges & cravings and it was my acceptance & my actions to remain pro active not the campral that got me through

For me I didn't really notice anything at all
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I tried it for a while, but ideally you should be dried out first, and I wasn't. I found it didn't reduce craving, and the side effects were unpleasant.

I would have put up with the discomfort if it was working, but I don't think I was the type of drunk it helps. I say try it and see.
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I don't have experience with it, but most "anti-craving" drugs are designed to be used in conjunction with a sobriety plan/method of some kind. None of them are "magic bullets" that simply remove all cravings and urges.

At 23 hours you are most likely still having physical withdrawal symptoms...which are unavoidable unfortunately, your body simply has to get used to not drinking and it doesn't like it one bit.
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Campral will not help with physical withdrawal symptoms. There are other meds which will help with the immediate jitters and anxiety. If you are very uncomfortable, I would talk to your Dr. Campral did help me, once I was detoxed....they did take about 2 weeks to start working on my cravings. Best wishes
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how you doing ohmylord?
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