Still not sleeping well, or much.

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I hear you on the sleep. I'm having a little bit of trouble, but I'm very early in full sobriety (I've taken lots of breaks and never drank every day or even every other day). But I sleep much better than when I've had a lot to drink. I used to be able to sleep all day after a night of drinking, but in the past year starting waking super early unable to return to sleep instead, no matter how tired.

Compound that with a sleep disorder (I've been on sleep meds since 14 and I'm 35 now) and my sleep was shot!
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I have issues too (I think part of that may be due to the erratic sleep schedule in the Navy?)

The best natural solution, though not a magic pill by any means, I have found is taking Magnesium. Either Glycinate or Citrate (which will give you loose bowels). Plus Magnesium has all kinds of other health benefits, so even if it doesnt help so much with sleep its still a great thing to take regardless.
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