Who Is A Fool ?

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Who Is A Fool ?

A fool is one who fools themself.

How many times have we fooled ourself ?
For me I think that I lost count many, many years ago.

Truly, the only one that I need to keep an eye on in sobriety
is the one looking back at me in the mirror.
Yes, proven at times to be the great deceiver of ones self.

I will never do that again.
Maybe I could stop drinking next week ?
Etc., Etc., Etc..

Today seems to be the best day in which to make good moral decisions.

Just food for thought,
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Its ironic you started thread with this topic today. My wife and I were having our first real conversation about my previous drinking habits this morning and how happy we both are right now with me. I was a master at fooling (lying) to myself about how destructive my drinking was. Since I only drank on weekends I thought I had complete control and that my life had least that's what I called it. There was no balance at all. I worked like a dog 55+ hours a week and when I poured that first drink heading into the weekend, I drank until midnight Saturday-- and Sunday started the healing process to grind for another 55+ hour work-week. I did this over and over and over. My wife gave me a pretty long leash because as long as checks kept getting deposited, she kept quiet, but even then she would have her fill and it would strain our marriage. We actually do things together now instead of living two separate lives. I think she might even like me! I don't think many of us know the future, but I feel blessed that I've got this problem corrected at my age. I know my father is 72 and he's like Pavlov's dog, at 4PM I don't care where on the planet he is, he pouring his first drink for the day. We also discussed that we have saved over $2,000 by not going to the liquor store.

One thing that I think really helps is if you enjoy being sober. It makes it much easier. I've thought about starting a thread on that subject to see if it may help anyone. Thanks Bob.
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A Day at a Time
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Today will always be a good day to be sober. Even I can't fool myself about that
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Are you talkin' to me? Are YOU TALKIN' TO ME!?
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I am the fool my younger self warned me about.
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