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spouse has it in my house. she asked first, though. if it was (or becomes) cause for temptation, she will remove it.

if youre tempted, maybe now is not a good time having it around.
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Originally Posted by madgirl View Post
My spouse and I always liked drinking together. He can limit his consumption to two or three beers, but he likes them every day (or close). I am still in very early sobriety and while I don't want his beer, I do find that the talkativeness and first rush of euphoria he gets when drinking are triggering. I *know* why he suddenly feels like talking and I have to disengage or even just walk away. It sort of sucks but I know every one is on their own journey with this stuff. I was sooooooo over the top crazy drunk in the evenings so I certainly can't say a word about his addiction - he's quieter. It's still hard though. I wish my home felt safe right now. If I had the say, I'd request for there not to be any alcohol here.
Do you think he would go along with making the house alcohol free?? Sounds kinda dicey...

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Originally Posted by Introspectator View Post
Do you think he would go along with making the house alcohol free?? Sounds kinda dicey...

He won't stop buying beer, because it's my problem - not his. I had to learn that even if I live inside a wine cellar, it's my choice whether or not to pour it in my mouth.
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I found it impossible to quit drinking when my gf drank. Watching her have a beer or wine with dinner was a constant trigger, and remained so into early recovery. We eventually split up and my current gf rarely drinks. It's just so much easier.
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No alcohol or drugs in my house because it's MY house! Although, I do let my cat keep his catnip in the cupboard...
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