33 months today

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33 months today

33 month anniversary was today. The struggle is not as huge as it once was. It's more of brief moments now and then. For the most part I'm content with my non drinking position. It is dangerous to be complacent
so I try to write a monthly reminder to myself.
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Congrats on 33 months.
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Way to go! You've come a very long way. It only gets better. Many more days to you.
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Awesome tnman!
Way to go, keep up the great work.
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Wow! Nice!
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Do your best
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Awesome job bud
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Congrats on 33 months and thanks for sharing. I agree that complacency can be a dangerous thing...kudos for keeping out in front of it.
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Congrats on 33 months tnman
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Awesome job tnman
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One Day At A Time
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