Medical help questions

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Medical help questions

1. I'm looking for a new doctor and I'm considering a new woman doctor who is an osteopathic (DO) rather than an MD. The differences aren't great as far as I can tell by reading about them except that a DO is supposed to take a more wholistic approach to wellness. Does anyone have experience with a DO?

2. People have mentioned on the forum that having a diagnosis of alcoholism on your medical record could affect your future ability to change insurance policies which I may have to do soon if I want to move. Is this really true?
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This is just my opinion. I think the most important thing to help when quitting alcohol (cold turkey--I think tapering always fails) is a benzo prescription. Ironically, I also think benzos wreak more havoc than just about any other addictive substance. It is crucial to take them for a short-term only and never mix them with alcohol. Can this DO prescribe benzos?

About insurance, it is my understanding that under Obamacare, there are no restrictions on preexisting conditions. But I guess the largest insurance company in the nation is pulling out of Obamacare, and my wife got an interim insurance policy that was not part of Obamacare and it did not cover preexisting conditions.
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No experience with a DO vs an MD but your medical record is private and protected by HIPAA law in the USA. My personal opinion is that it's much better to seek help for something that can be a life-threatening problem vs trying to hide it from your doctor.

Are you seeking a doctor specifically to help you with drinking related issues?
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I worry about health care laws being revoked by whatever new Congress comes into being. A DO can do anything an MD can do including prescribing medicine and they have the same training but they do 200 extra hours in something called Osteopathy. Wondered if anyone had experience with one? I don't want to take benzos if I can avoid it but I'll see how plan A works out.
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I never even know a DO existed, I have a great doctor but am definitely going to look into that! Thank you for putting that idea in my head!

As for insurance, all my doctors know that I am a recovered heroin addict and they knew I was an active addict when I was still using. I have never had a problem with being in law school, with getting a job, or with getting insurance. Please do not reframe from getting the help you need in fear or something that might never happen. Medical records and conversations with your doctor are confidential and protected under HIPPA like mentioned above.

Please be careful with benzos if you go that route, they are extremely addictive and can make you end up much worse instead of better in the end.
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When benzos are prescribed for alcohol detox, they are usually only given for a short time. Not long enough to become addicted to them.
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Lonelywombat, what you may need is a person who believes you and has some experience and you trust him. Titles may not tell much.

Also, health workers that treat alcoholism use different methods and approaches, they may be gentle or harsh and so on, so I recommend that you listen your feelings than official credentials someone has.
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I guess I should try to find a recommendation. I wish I had a nurse friend here. They know a lot of the doctors. I would like a female doctor for a change though.
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A DO goes to a specific Osteopathy school vs. a University Medical school. They are trained in doing manipulations as well. They do the same residency and fellowship as MDs in the same hospitals, so you can find a DO in any specialty. I do see more of them in family practice though.

If you can find a primary care DO that incorporates the manipulations (for injuries, back problems, headaches, lots if things) it's very effective. They do supposedly get more training in nutrition, etc than in a regular medical college. Exact same prescribing rights.
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