5 months

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5 months

5 Months and 5 days. Doesn't sound like much to me, but very thankful.

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very cool.
remember five months and four days back, and how it sounded then?
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Great news intro! It sounds like a lot to me, congratulations!
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Congrats, Introspectator! Don't kid yourself, you, and everyone else here who suffers from addiction, know what an amazing accomplishment it is. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, then gear up for the next 24.
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That is wonderful Introspectator, keep up the great work. 5 months is a great milestone!
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I think that's big-time. Killer!
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5 months is awesome what you talking about brother you are doing excellent
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Congrats on five months plus. Keep going, it gets better.
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Thanks everyone! I do feel good about it! I guess time feels like it's going slower, and life is more full when sober. Which is a great thing!

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5 months is a big deal! Don't take it for granted and keep on rocking.
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That's awesome.
Give yourself credit. This aint easy you know.
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It's a big deal, introspectator, and well done!
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Nice job, Introspector!
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Congrats on 5+ months Introspectator
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Congrats introspectator
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Great work!! Keep it up!!
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