Really don't know how to maintain strength

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Really don't know how to maintain strength

I've come to realise in the last two months or so that posting on this forum is pretty necessary for me.
Most people I decide to trust with the information that I struggle with alcohol are either dismissive or they are well meaning but don't understand.
I would like very much to feel part of the community here on this forum.
you all understand the feelings and emotions I feel surrounding alcohol.
I am currently pretty drunk, after having had a debate about alcohol in my own head this afternoon, alcohol won, and as typing this I'm focusing as much as possible on my spelling in order to not appear messy.
I'm sorry I've not checked in for a while.
And I'm sorry for thinking I could pretend to myself
I need this forum, so please be my friend
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Welcome back. I'm glad you have been reaching out to people around you; even if they can't always offer the support that other alcoholics can, it's good that they know.

Don't beat yourself up, you're trying! Are you done drinking today?
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why not start lookin for some aa meetings? f2f support with people that have been in your shoes,have a way to get sober, and are willing to help you do it,too, seems would also be a great asset for ya.
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I hope you'll come back a little more sober because things will make more sense. Stick with us and maybe you'll find something that will stick with you. Lots have successfully given up drinking and you can as well.
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Originally Posted by tomsteve View Post
why not start lookin for some aa meetings? f2f support with people that have been in your shoes,have a way to get sober, and are willing to help you do it,too, seems would also be a great asset for ya.

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You are always welcome here on SR. And I agree that finding some local support from other addicts would be great if you can find it.
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Do your best
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You are part of this community UKS
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We're here to help uk
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Hi UK student

why not check out our Class of April support thread? Lots of support and potential buddies there

Posting there daily could really help?

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Hugs. Keep reaching out!!
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Are you back in the UK now UKS? Maybe now is the time to reach out to people who can understand and support you. What support groups are in your area?
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