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Its Sunday night, and Im feeling good. Tomorrow its back to work for another week-but I will wake up clear headed tomorrow. When faced with a difficult task at work, I can work through it and gut it out. 4 weeks ago today, I was drinking beers-just like every other Sunday- half in the bag (more like 3/4), and was just plain sick of myself. Sick of feeling terrible in the morning- sick of not being in control. If one of my kids got a cough and i needed to run out and get some medicine, i couldn't have, because i was drunk.

In early sobriety, the knee jerk reaction to any type of stress is to just drink and drown the emotion. I have been faced with many of these situations over the last month, and many times came very close to caving. However, I did not, and Im thankful for that. I thank God that every day I deny the craving and choose not to drink, Im moving closer to peace. Im thankful that I have chosen not to drink tonight.
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I echo that, if you're sober today, you're winning.
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Great post Biff - thanks

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Do your best
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Congrats Biff
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