Do I really need to be on Antabuse?

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Do I really need to be on Antabuse?

If im having 3 drinks a night and a bit more on weekends would I be considered an alcoholic who needs Antabuse? Im happy taking Campral, but I think Antabuse is a bit harsh.
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Wellcome Pup, Insufficient information to answer your question. Someone thinks you need antabuse and that has made you uncomfortable? There is just a hint of denial in there somewhere. There must be a good reason don't you think?

Only three drinks a night and a little more on the weekend. For the benefit of non alcoholics, this translates to 9 huge drinks a night and written off on the weekends. Alcoholics always understate how much they are drinking, especially when someone is trying to pin them down about their problem.

Why do they think you are alcoholic? Is it the amount you drink or what happens when you drink. Can you stop if you want to, can you always guarantee how much you will drink after taking the first drink?

Three ordinary standard drinks a night is probably not good for you but doesn't necessarily make you alcoholic. You'll need to tell us more
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Hi Pup - welcome

who's suggested antabuse for you?

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Welcome to the forum, we are all different in recovery but I too am curious, did someone suggest you needed antibuse?
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No alcoholic needs antabuse unless they are trying to quit and can't or won't. Is that you? Another way to ask this is What happens when you stop drinking for a month or two?

I believe antabuse is a medication requiring a doctor's involvement. Maybe taking it to a doctor is the best thing for you. Good luck, Pup,
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Welcome to the family. If you want to be sober more than you want to drink, then you'll be able to stay sober. If not, antabuse may be helpful, but you'll need to talk with your doctor about it.
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