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Originally Posted by Katie88 View Post
Hi Everyone,

I have been in treatment for 10 weeks and quite frankly am bored of talking about addiction, being around downtrodden and depressed people, and sick of people making assumptions about me. I think a lot of people in the addiction field try to manipulate and profit by taking advantage of vulnerable people who are trying to get better.

I like AA but I am ready to be done with residential treatment.

Sorry I just needed to vent.

I'm not an "AA person" although I have lots of friends who do that method. But I really related to how you feel you are being sorta manipulated by a system and over simplistically analyzed. I do believe there is a time to leave. Usually I get kicked out before I feel stable, but the last treatment was a bit different.

Treatment centers are not all the same and some down right cause worse trauma .... I've never done more than 30 days and I really wanted more time than insurance would allow most of the time.

I may be taking advantage here to talk about me, but in my experience the last treatment I went to was so bad that I came out worse than I went in .... yep sober .... but drank within a few days and am sober again, but struggling with some real issues related to my experiences there.

It's not about blaming, but if you need to leave you need to leave. Don't stay if there is physical or psychological abuse. My family was horrified by what happened and so was I. That said AND THIS IS IMPORTANT most of the time when I have had to go to treatment to get back up and start the journey anew ... it has been helpful despite any differences of opinion. Only you will know if it has crossed the line to something else.

Argggh! I said to much.

It certainly sounds like you have a plan and I encourage you to use AA and SR and any other support you can as you move forward
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Hi everyone - I am done with treatment and am wondering how long it takes for life to start feeling better in early recovery?
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Originally Posted by Katie88 View Post
Hi everyone - I am done with treatment and am wondering how long it takes for life to start feeling better in early recovery?
That is really about you. Everyone is different. One day at a time. Most importantly is to find support in your recovery by going to Meetings, therapy, combo of both etc. everything else will unfold organically
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It does vary quite a bit Katie--
Physically, I got better over several months when I stopped but I didn't have any treatment,
just stopped on my own.

Mentally, up and down days but slowly better overall.
Anxiety went away, but was still mentally fuzzy for some time.

Recovery is, as they say, an inside job.
I had to look inside and change a lot of attitudes, responses, and externally
my friends and social situations.
That wasn't easy, but that's when I really started to feel better.

Good luck in your sober life--
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A Day at a Time
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I started feeling better when I started to rebuild a sober life. I found people that I enjoyed and the relationship had nothing to do with alcohol

I started to understand that my drinking life wasn't working but my sober life was.

AA meetings started to become part of my new life.

In reality things didn't change but I did. It wasn't easy or fast but I'm not the person I was
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I can relate to the boredom...I am a mom and am very busy, so I do have good distractions....but the real growth is when you're faced with those feelings head on..and you choose to stay sober despite the boredom.
The main reason for my relapses is boredom...and also frustration with life and people.... but I always try to remember what happens AFTER that initial decision to forward a few hours.
I also try to remember how good it feels to wake up, hangover and guilt free.....that's priceless. That feeling when you open your eyes in the morning and you're NOT hungover
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